Restoring roles

Role(s): There are a few like the Sci Roles Med and leader roles
Length of ban: was suppose to be 3 days. its been at least 2 weeks
Events leading to the ban: I got insta killed on arrival by a bug and spammed admin for help. when they got onto me it was already next round so i told em not to worry about it. but i was rude i think. I am sorry
Reason the ban should be removed: I have no Idea why its got me perma banned on these roles. but i do enjoy playing this game. and would like to be able to do everything

my username is my account name I forgot to put that.

You’ve barely connected two times since you were banned. There seems to be a miscommunication with your ban:

Your  game ban  was set for three days, which has since expired.

Your  role bans  are appeal-only, after you demonstrate you haven’t been an issue for a week or two of decent playtime/connections. Your role bans resulted almost exclusively due to your behavior immediately the following round where you took it upon yourself to spam anomalies and essentially destroy the station as the Research Director.

Denied. Appeal again in two weeks with some decent playtime and no noteworthy issues.

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