Retequizzle - Scrambleking: No warnings given

Subject: Retequizzle

Policies or Expectations Violated: 1.2 Be professional, polite and welcoming.

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Sure

Detailed Summary:

~10:30 AM - 10:42 AM

Nukie round, I’m playing scav. We take hold of the nukie ship and head to their base. I mention to the rest of Scav, "if you see a headset give me a heads-up ill gunk up their radio. No one says I shouldnt. pAI comes on, I mention the plan to them, they encourage said plan. I get headset and set plan into motion.

:h Do you need medical assistance?

every few seconds. If I was trying to jam a comms channel in real life something like this would be a legitimate way of doing so, so RP wise I assumed it was fine.

After a short time I am exploded with no warning. I try to seek help with why that happened using Admin Message. (you can pull it up for exacts if you want, I assume you keep logs, if not I summarise it below).

Retequizzle immediately responds that that isn’t how you jam the radio. So I seek out how one would go about jamming/cutting them, assuming I had missed something obvious. Turns out there isnt a way.

I ask in the future that they give a warning in the future, because I would have stopped had I received a warning, if been a little miffed. To which I am told that the explosion was the warning and I should be thankful I didn’t get banned. This then lead to him talking about some other people spamming in the past, which has nothing to do with me. Overall just a terrible experience talking to them, none of which felt like de-escalation was the goal, they just wanted me to stop talking.


Also, and this is just speculation. I think he also broke 2.1  Do not ever process a case you are/were a part of. but I’m not entirely sure. Something about the way he wrote “where I can’t tell what’s going on” made me think he was part of the nukies but that might just be admin seeing everything.

I’ve begun looking into this. The round was Leviathan 43871 and a replay is available at The related ahelp is:


:inbox_tray: **00:54:54** **Scrambleking:** Whats wrong with jamming syndie comms as a non-syndie?
:outbox_tray: **00:55:12** **Retequizzle:** That wasn’t "jamming syndie comms", that was spamming plain and simple.
:inbox_tray: **00:55:16** **Scrambleking:** Yes
:inbox_tray: **00:55:19** **Scrambleking:** In syndie coms
:inbox_tray: **00:55:26** **Scrambleking:** How else can I jam them?
:outbox_tray: **00:55:37** **Retequizzle:** Not that way, clearly.
:inbox_tray: **00:55:54** **Scrambleking:** Ok, then how, we own their spaceship and base
:outbox_tray: **00:56:04** **Retequizzle:** Look I’m gonna be real with you, we’ve been dealing with raiders spamming random shit all morning, I’m in low tolerance mode for people spamming radio with pointless garbage.
:inbox_tray: **00:56:36** **Scrambleking:** Ok, but game wise is there not a reson that I as a station-er would want to jam up syndicate comms?
:outbox_tray: **00:57:04** **Retequizzle:** I would recommend finding other ways to disrupt nukies that doesn’t involve copypasting a message repeatedly into the radio
:outbox_tray: **00:57:19** **Retequizzle:** It’s not up for debate.
:inbox_tray: **00:57:53** **Scrambleking:** I am not trying to debate you, im trying to understand what the recomended way is to prevent nukies from using comms when we own their ship and station
:outbox_tray: **00:58:48** **Retequizzle:** It’s currently not possible to flat out disrupt comms for syndicate radio, but that does not mean you get to repeatedly spam the radio in response. 
:inbox_tray: **00:59:18** **Scrambleking:** Yes I got that by me suddently exploding without warning
:outbox_tray: **00:59:45** **Retequizzle:** kaboom
:inbox_tray: **01:01:09** **Scrambleking:** Please in the future make sure to actualy give a warning, because I would have very much prefered being informed so I could stop and continue to play the round.
:outbox_tray: **01:01:33** **Retequizzle:** No.
:inbox_tray: **01:01:37** **Scrambleking:** Why not?
:outbox_tray: **01:02:01** **Retequizzle:** Because frankly the fact that I didn’t ban you for it instead should be enough of a warning.
:inbox_tray: **01:02:24** **Scrambleking:** Ok, but if you had warned me, and I didnt stop, could you not have banned me then?
:outbox_tray: **01:02:24** **Retequizzle:** I just told you we’ve been dealing with raiders spamming radio and LOOC this morning
:inbox_tray: **01:02:35** **Scrambleking:** Ok, but that has nothing to do with me
:outbox_tray: **01:02:52** **Retequizzle:** If you’re adding to the problem by spamming, it absolutely does
:outbox_tray: **01:02:59** **Retequizzle:** If you can’t see that, that’s also your problem not mine.
:inbox_tray: **01:03:07** **Scrambleking:** So I should be punished for the actions of others?
:outbox_tray: **01:03:22** **Retequizzle:** No, you should be punished for not exercising common sense.

:stop_button: _**Post-round started**_

:inbox_tray: **Scrambleking:** So I shouldnt attempt to hamper nukies using means that would be at my disposal in an RP situation?
:outbox_tray: **Retequizzle:** Not if it’s going to cause enough of a disruption to clutter the entire chat to where I can’t tell what’s going on, no.
:outbox_tray: **Retequizzle:** I don’t get what you’re not seeing about that so this conversation’s over.
:inbox_tray: **Scrambleking:** Then who do I talk to, to escalate the situation?
:outbox_tray: **Retequizzle:** You’re welcome to take it up with the head administrator by reporting the issue on the forums.

An ahelp from Leviathan 43875’s pre-round lobby appears to be related:


:inbox_tray: **Scrambleking:** Understood

Thanks for looking into it!

To be clear, I dont think they need to be removed from their role just for this or anything and I appriciate mods for keeping people following the rules. I just feel like the situation could have been handled better and hope they can be helped with understanding how to handle it better in the future.

This complaint has been rejected.


  1. During Leviathan 43871, immediately prior to being gibbed, the complainant sent around 80 radio messages over approximately 115 seconds at a rate slightly faster than one message every one and a half seconds. All the messages were identical: “Do you need medical assistance?”
  2. The messages would have been disruptive to ghosts, including admin ghosts, both of which can see all radio messages and would have had their chat flooded.
  3. Over the past several months, Wizard’s Den servers have experienced an increased rate of raiders, some of whom spam chat.
  4. Taking into account finding 1, finding 3, and the pressure that may have existed to react quickly, it is plausible that the admin believed the complainant was a raider.
  5. The complainant was not a raider, and it is plausible that they did not realize that their disruption affected people other than the nukies.
  6. Retequizzle was not playing in the round and did not violate admin policy 2.1 “Do not ever process a case you are/were a part of”.
  7. No note was left by the admin in relation to the incident.
  8. During or soon after the ahelp, Retequizzle notified me that there would likely be a complaint, and provided information about the situation. The information provided included claiming that they had recently dealt with raiders.
  9. The round ended approximately 10 minutes after the complainant was gibbed.
  10. The conduct of the complainant in the ahelp was appropriate.
  11. Two uninvolved admins believe that the response of Retequizzle was appropriate, including both the gibbing of the complainant and his handling of the ahelp.

Resulting Actions

  1. Two uninvolved admins were consulted for opinions. This resulted in finding 11.
  2. Retequizzle was contacted about the complaint and said that he may have been too blunt in the interaction, and will keep that in mind in the future.