[ReubenismeUWU] - [Insensitivity]

= For game bans =

SS14 account username: [ReubenismeUWU]
Ban reason: [Insensitivity]
Date of ban: [22nd of April]
Length of ban: [Seemingly Permanent]
Events leading to the ban: [The events leading to the ban include my use of the term “Hitler, Adolf” in a humorous insensitive way involving signing a document as Adolf Hitler. To start, although inexcusable, I would love for you to know when this happened. I was extremely tired and it was around 3AM for me, and in my excessively caffeinated state, I could not sleep. I was so tired not only from lacking in sleep the past week, but I also I was waiting for the larger Wizard Den (lizard) to finally have less people than the limit for both my friend and I. In short, I wrote this document (I cannot remember what it was about either about spreading humorous rumors about my friend being syndicate, with his permission (via discord), or it was about Walter White needing the reader to tell Jessie that they need to cook the meth (TV show reference)) signed it off as “Hitler, Adolf,” faxed the document multiple times from the reporter’s room to the library and vice versa. Following, I spread those papers around everywhere, messaged the admin almost sounding drunkenly in my tired-state, and then I was permanently banned. Today, I woke up with 6 hours of sleep and realized that I did this, freaked out, switched on the illogical, delinquent parts of my brain, and attempted to evade the ban by creating new accounts from different emails, IP addresses, and steam accounts. Now, I have spent the last hour planning how to go about writing this appeal of this insanity.] 
Reason the ban should be removed: [I understand the seriousness of my actions and take full responsibility for them, for I used the term “Hitler, Adolf” in an insensitive manner. I also made the mistake of attempting to evade the ban by creating new accounts, which further compounded my wrongdoing. Sincerely, I am deeply sorry for the harm that I caused and am committed to being more mindful of the impact of my words and actions on others in the future. I believe that I have learned from my mistake and am willing to take a minimum six-month break from the server consequently. I ask that the ban be lifted, not because I am trying to suck up, but because I truly believe that I can be a positive member of the community going forward.]

You lost any leg to stand on when you tried to ban evade under two different accounts and VPNs.

You may only appeal this ban after September 22, 2023, and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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