Revealing a Revolution

These are examples of information that do not suggest a revolution:

• A crewmember was caught carrying a flash and a pair of sunglasses.
• Hearing a flash being used.

Flash usage or possession does not immediately indicate subversive behavior. While these actions may draw suspicion to a regular crewmember, it is at most possession of restricted gear stolen from the security department. The flash may be confiscated should the crew member have no justifiable reason for possession, such as borg construction. 

These are examples of evidence that can be used to suspect a revolution:

• Witnessing or hearing a report of revolutionary conversion (getting flashed and falling over for a few seconds).
• A department head getting targeted, either assault or the head’s death.

A report of conversion from a reliable source (security or command) is sufficient grounds for security to suspect a revolution, and begin preparations to confirm the threat, such as ordering mindshields and attempting to mindshield suspects. Crew attempting to subvert command/security may be mindshielded.

These are examples of evidence that can be used to identify and/or confirm a revolution:

• Deconverting a revolutionary using a mindshield implant.

The successful deconversion of a suspected revolutionary is irrefutable evidence that both confirms the presence of subversive elements on the station and allows security to neutralize the threat, such as mass mindshielding and allowing crew to attain flash resistant gear.

It is important to note that Security is free to execute confirmed  (through mindshielding) Head Revolutionaries as they see fit.

This clarification has been obsoleted.

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