Revs and they semi-valid flashes

2 days ago i saw a chef call out revs just because a head died, they looted them and saw the flash in the bag, while this is against the rules and flashes aren’t contraband there is no real way of getting flashes legally, if you find people holding flashes is likely they will be a headrev, someone who did trespass into a sec checkpoint or, in the worse case, looted a dead secoff. All this leads to flashes being in some weird limbo where they are semi-valid (and we all know Jonh Greytider WILL consider that valid for gib you on sight).

This issue would be easily fixed if flashes are added into the maints random loot pool (at least until revs get a rework) so they become actual nom valid items (and also gives a few flashes to headrevs if they are fast enough).

would the maints flashes be single use or are they gonna have five charges like the normal ones?

Only round start flashes have 5 charges, any other flash you get through the round will only have 3 charges and flashes spawned from maints should have the same amount of charges for consistency and avoiding possible metagaming.

If you’re gonna buff headrevs by giving them flashes so they don’t have to convert a scientist, make atleast headrev flash different from regular flash, maybe the stun should be longer if a headrev converts someone, it’s hard knowing somone is a Rev without metagaming because the rules of finding revolutionary is so vague

The objective isn’t buff revs (though having another source, even if limited and rng based, of flashes certianly helps them a bit) but to make flashes a actual non valid item. You aren’t supposed to know it’s revs when someone is holding a flash but the only ways of get those, besides being a headrev, are either looting a secoff, breaking into a sec checkpoint or, if you are a sci, making them yourself (and even in this last case you have no excuses for pull them outside of sci which makes you valid).
Flashes being in maints allows crew to have more flashes while also making more normal to see people holding flashes, allowing flashes to become a actual non valid item.
As for knowing when is revs… people going around with weapons, on groups and/or not doing they jobs on green is probably enough for know they are doing something illegal. Seeing a guy flash people who later start to show a different behavior would be a good way of know something is happening too.

There are no rules of finding revolutionary anymore. Only thing we had was marked obsolete.

If mindshielding fails revolution is confirmed and you can execute the headrev. Everything else is grey area.

I just want more clearer way to reveal a revolution because it is the most stressful and frustrating mode for sec and command without immediately killing revs


Agreed, is not impossible to find them but you are basically forced to see multiple suspects acting strange on green or having a head vanishing and never appearing again.
Sadly this won’t really get fixed as revs are supposed to be reworked eventually so i don’t think we will get anything besides making it harder to get away with metagaming revs.

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