Rihordo - banned for disassembling

Ban reason: Disassembling substations and APCs as nontag janitor for no discernable reason

Lenght of ban: Removed only with appeal

Events leading to the ban: Ban happend a long time ago, but i remember myself just doing experiments with electronics while the station was in chaos and i was hiding away from everyone. I was a newbie player and did not even get to explain before the ban.

Reason the ban should be removed: wish to try playing this game again after a long break and i have become a more expierienced player playing on other servers. I personally dont see myself doing something so bad to result a permament ban, and its been a long time since the ban so i think i have recieved enough punishment.



You have bans and appeals on file both for metacomming with other users and trying to kill all of Security as the Warden very early into the round. You managed to appeal that, then you managed to get banned for disassembling a bunch of power infrastructure which was only caught after you had already left.

I don’t think you are a new player and I question if your behavior has actually changed. These bans are from long enough ago that they’re probably not an immediate issue, but we’re not so certain you’re as innocent as you claim.

About my first ban, it happend because me and my friend tried the game for the first time and we messed around. it is unlucky because i got permamently banned soon after downloading the game, after getting banned again after my unban i tried different servers where the rules were not so harsh, there i learned the norms of the game, but unfortunately the servers have pretty much became dead. So i wish to play on these servers where the players actually exist, and of course not cause trouble to get another ban, because the game seems fun.

If you get banned again with a few months after this appeal it will highly likely be a voucher ban. I strongly suggest you go on your best behavior. Accepted.

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