Rmega5 - Distributing ERP Fanfiction Novels

Ban reason: Distributing ERP Fanfiction Novels
Length of ban: Permanent/Removed Via Appeal
Events leading to the ban: Started the round as a librarian and immediately searched around for safe for work fanfiction that I could utilize as a novel to do a bit of world-famous author RP. Found a funny Star Trek/Minecraft fanfiction flagged as safe for work that was fairly long (around 3000 words) and sort of skimmed through it, the only thing I’d noticed that might be vaguely sexual was a reference to Chekov getting his “cheeks clapped” by Spock in reference to some Minecraft PvP. I then copied it into a book, added some flair to make it look more like a book, and gave it out to people. I was legitimately unaware of anything more sexual then that for the 30 minutes it was out there until I was banned as the only person who’d said they’d read it was the Warden and they didn’t say a word about it.
Reason the ban should be removed: Honestly I entirely understand the ban, on my proper read through of the fanfiction I completely got it as there was some very explicit stuff near the end. That’s on me, and I do think it’s fair that I’m banned. It was a big mistake on my part, and I deeply regret doing it, I’ve played off and on for a long time and can’t believe I made a mistake like this. If I’m unbanned I’ve completely learned my lesson about taking fanfiction off of the internet without proofreading it all the way through, and I’ll probably stay away from book writing in the future.

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Second Chance
  • Good behavior elsewise

Appeal Accepted - Ban Removed.

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