Role Appeal: Killing senior officer as cadet

Role(s): Head of Security, Detective, Security Cadet, Security Officer, Warden  
Length of ban: Appeal only 
Events leading to the ban: Syndicates(or nukies, unsure) were discovered, so all security were given access to the weapons. After having a security hardsuit stolen by another officer, I killed an agent, and was prevented from looting their bodies for better equipment (such as weapons). I then shot my senior officer with a Kammerer before being killed. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned my lesson, and will not disobey orders again. This event was due to poor behavior after experiencing many difficulties, and was done in a fit of anger. Because of this, I would like to be unbanned, as this will not happen again. 

This ban has already expired, It was only a month ban and seems like it was related to more than just the one shooting.
I will leave this without alteration.
Appeal closed.

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