Role Ban Appeal because injecting PAX for experiment as a CMO

SS14 account : BoejankGuts

Roles : All Command and Medical(?)

Date of ban : 9 February 2023

Lengths of ban : Appeal only

Events leading to the ban : experimenting PAX by injecting random peoples (two in total, one with consent and one is not) as a CMO. Im re-reading recipes and found pax effect is good for neutralize any threat and made me want to experimenting it to others people. Like, what if i inject people with this and what if they were mad and try to harm me even after i injected pax? And i think it would be funny when they unable to attack me (because of PAX effect).

Reason the ban should be removed : Im too exited making pax back then leading me to forget my task and my roles as one of the Heads (CMO) that should heals people instead of harming them, but im glad pax somehow dont have effect like poisoning (as wiki says) when i tested it to myself and im glad it didnt. I even afraid because the last guy i injected might poisoned (clicked to 6 times or 30u injection of PAX) that i took dylo and toss it in the room where i did that (i dont know if the guy was still there or left). If the guy who i injected with pax reading this, im sorry because i forgot my tasks to heal not harming, and i hope you didnt get poisoned when i did that. (Sorry for bad english, its not my native language.)



We are not going to accept an appeal on this ban one day after it was handed out.

Doing random experiments with what you identified as a harmful chemical on random crew members without their consent is abysmal behavior, especially for a head of staff. Making a half-hearted attempt to mitigate the damage by throwing an anti-toxin bottle at them in case they died (not even checking to see if they were still alive after you injected them) does not absolve you of what you did in the slightest. 

You have plenty of options to test harmful medication such as on a monkey or a willing test subject or a subject who has ghosted from their corpse if that is your goal.

Appeal again in a week (Feb. 18, 2023).

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