Role ban commands appeal (Previously because injecting PAX as a CMO)

SS14 account name : BoejankGuts

Roles : Commands

Date of ban : 09 February 2023

Length of ban : Appeal only

Events leading to the ban : Experimenting PAX to random people with hypospray as a CMO without consent. Leading to Medical role and Commands role ban (09 February 2023)

Reason the ban should be removed : Admin told me to re-appeal for command role ban “You may attempt to appeal your command role bands one moth from now (Mar 24th 2023) so as long as you have a consistent playtime and no marked issues or attempts to evade your role ban”

Also I’m here for explaining about “metagaming” mentioned for Chief Engineer command role. In my perspective, I’m not metagaming when playing as a CE and I often helping people as a CE like installing scrubber on medical cloner, sometime helping other engineer and sometime alone fixing station breach, setting broken RTG (before it got removed from certain station, I don’t really know why) for powering entire station with no worry of fuel, and many other (I forgot). In summary, while I played as a CE, I did my responsibilities  and I have no intention for metagaming as a Chief Engineer.

Thank you for reading my appeal.

Unanimous administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. You still seem to be getting up to trouble as a normal crewmember in the time since your ban, most notably causing trouble as a clown, getting arrested, then using that as an excuse to try and instigate trouble further. You also have 12+ notes prior to your command roleban, which indicates to use you will likely be a problem in a command capacity.

Appeal again in a month (May 03, 2023).

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