Role ban

SS14 Account name: P0werpont13

Banned From: Security, Head of Personal, Captain 

Date of ban: 4,06,2023

Length of ban: 7 days 

Events leading up to ban: I was playing on Salamander when I thought it would be a fun idea to act as a crazed captain who was obsessed with killing monkeys. So I is start making some buns and growing cops before butchering a monkey and using it as meat for my burgers I then started to decent deeper into madness buy killing the cow found on the station after milking it  I then get bored of stabbing them to death so I go into the vault and grab the Deckard to shoot them in the freezer room  and by that point I gave up on cooking burgers and started to do it for the fun of it eventually sec had found out that I had the deckard and was promptly arrested and demoted after a psychological evaluation by that point an admin had started to question what was happening as you can see in the attached file. 

Why should my ban be appealed: as I am not aware of any server rules against what I did and felt like there was also no RP rule breaking either as it was part of my character i only broke space law which hos delt with but other then that i do not see the reason of the ban. (i feel like i should also add the monkeys killed were not sentient)

Screenshot 2023-06-04 073509.png

“Roleplaying an insane person” is not a valid excuse to go around attacking random animals and generally be a nuisance, especially not on MRP where players are expected to act at minimum like a normal human being crewing a space station.

These rolebans are only for one week. You can wait it out.

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