Role-Banned for executing perma and self-antag Diona, without the Captain's permission

Role(s): Command, Security.


Length of ban: 7 days. (3 days in after the initial ban)


Events leading to the ban: First off I want to take responsibility, I did not follow the execution rules as playing HoS, I am not going to be one-sided with myself and say everything that truly happened.

So, let’s talk about the perma first, I was playing as the HoS and doing my rightful duties, and I captured 2 perma’s in about the first 30~ minutes, me and the Warden locked them both in perma. I would say about 20~ minutes later, one of the 2 perma’s started beating the other perma to death. I came in with another secoff and arrested the assaulter and gave him (and told him) 1 final warning, not to do it again. 5~ minutes later he crit the other perma and I just executed the perma that was beating on the other, without the Captain’s permission.

The Diona, was self-antagging the whole round, he shot me and the QM with a shotgun with beanbag rounds, I arrested this Diona took his shotgun away. After his jailing time, he got angry and came back and attacked an officer, punching him. I locked the Diona again for 4ish minutes, let them go, and they did the same crap again. So I perma’d the Diona without the Captain’s supervision. about 20~ later the Warden went in perma to check on the perma’s and somehow the Diona managed to take the Warden’s belt and cuff him. The Warden was screaming through the radio asking for help and I came immediately upon the Diona taking the Warden, so I shot the Diona and killed them, including their little green bugs (forgot the name lol), without the Captain’s permission.


Reason the ban should be removed: I don’t think it should be removed, I’m just asking for less time. Looking back I really did mess up and the role-ban is rightful, but it seems a bit long, including the fact that I actually did forget the rule of asking the Captain for permission to execute someone, but this is not an excuse, it’s a mistake, and it won’t happen again. Thanks for reading!

BTW my username is @realnub. And my In game character is, “Yosef Stuart”.

I’ve reviewed the ban it meets our banning policy for such issues, The ban stands but is now expired.

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