Role banned from sec when it was completely unrelated to the matter

SS14 account username: AZHaste
Role(s): Security officer, Security cadet, and detective.
Date of ban: Happened a while ago but approximately around 11/1/2022 to 12/28/2022.
Length of ban: Appeal only.
Events leading to the ban: I was being a shitter as captain, and I was also being immature and rude to others, which then led to me getting messaged by an admin, to which we both agreed I should be role banned from all head roles, but for some unknown reason they decided to role ban me from security when it was unrelated to the current matter.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel that the ban was inappropriate, as it wasn’t even related to the reason I got messaged, and was something completely different, as I did get a note related to security a while before this role ban, but it was because I was being immature and edgy and calling sec pigs when they arrested me for valid things, which is in no way related to an incident regarding command roles.

Typically if we cannot trust someone in Command roles we do not think you will be trustworthy in Security roles either. It is not uncommon to blanket ban players from both Heads and Security when they display problematic behavior in one or the other.

Admin consensus is to deny this appeal.

You do not have significant playtime since your rolebans were applied and the basis for the rolebans being applied in the first place is solid. Once you demonstrate you can be trusted with responsibility on the station in some capacity by being issue-free for a few weeks, you may re-appeal.

To clarify, the original offense was “Giving a clown all access to be your ‘personal assistant’, gibbing an intruder in science without even contacting security or effecting an arrest, punching random prisoners for no purpose, and admitting you should be permabanned from captain”. This was on top of several prior notes not two weeks prior of fairly significant behavior issues as well.

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