Role banned

SS14 account: ChoccyMilkDealer
Character name: Makus-Reen
Type of Ban: Job ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Around 1 month ago
Reason for Ban: It does not show any ban reason or i cannot check it however here was what the admin said in my old ban appeal

Seeing as you have been taking it upon yourself to use Head of Personnel to try and “purge” and “execute” all of the clowns on the station because the Chaplain said something vaguely along those lines; and also as Head of Security telling the bartender to over-escalate and shoot glass breakers to death instead of doing your job, you’re not going to be playing Captain or any head of staff roles for a while. This is already on top of a questionable track record of gameplay from you.

You may only appeal this role ban and your new ones two weeks from now. 

Server you were playing on when banned:Wizard den lizard

Your side of the story: Honestly i was overall a shitty member of the community I did not play correctly as command jobs I was too aggressive and broke rules I was also I tried to purge clowns and I had a shady record 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I feel like I should be given a second chance because I feel ready to play command roles again and I will not break rules. I have also learned from my mistakes and am sorry for what I did. I will be grateful if I get unbanned
Anything else we should know:Nothing

I’ve noticed in your connection logs that you have only played on our servers twice in the last month. Have you been playing elsewhere, or have you been taking a break from the game?

You appear to have stopped playing since 10/30 for stealing command level IDs and being caught (for the third time) abusing a bug allowing you to punch players while stunned to avoid being cuffed. You only have one connection on 11/15. We have no reason to believe your behavior has changed and you have a track record of self-antagonism as Heads of Staff instead of doing your job.

This appeal is unanimously denied. Re-appeal in a month.

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