Roleban Appeal

SS14 account username: CornCobbler
Role(s): Entirety of command
Date of ban: Somewhere near November 15
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: It was a long time coming for the ban, I was being a bit of an asshole during this time. By behavior was unacceptable towards staff and my actions in game where terrible. I have no excuse for this. The only defensive I can give is I have had a storied past of bad interactions with moderators in general, but that still doesn’t excuse how I acted. I am deeply sorry for how I spoke and acted. The bans themselves where caused by my own negligence and my want to do something. The first instance was me playing HoP somewhere in September where I took a few guns from armory. It was selfish, but I did get permission from captian. I shouldn’t of done it in the first place however. The second time was with HoS, where the maints next to security where filled with tritium I think. Not realizing the actual situation and the repercussions of it I set it on fire. Only excuse I have for this is I thought the flames would disappear quickly. They didn’t. The final act was just locking 2 people in artifact containers out of boredom as RD. I was bored at the time, and felt this was a good way to relieve said boredom. I was terribly mistaken. 
Reason the ban should be removed: It has been around 2 months since i was banned. I did take a break from the game, where I did contemplate. I care less for the fact that I was rolebanned and more for the fact that i know my behavior to staff was terrible. I’ve already said any kind of reasoning for this, witch is practically nothing. I am truly sorry for how I behaved, I would never act such a way again. I simply want to play the game without the guilt.

Hi, you may remember me.

Administrator consensus extremely divided on this appeal, however (my own vote included) the majority is to  accept  this appeal. We don’t appear to have had any issues with you since your playtime has picked back up and this appeal seems genuine. I trust we will not have the same issues.

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