Router - exploiting

SS14 account: router
Character name: (last used) Zed Seven
Type of Ban: Game
Date of Ban and Duration: Months ago, likely 2022/02 or /03. Permanent.
Reason for Ban: “Continuing to exploit clicking mechanics with “dragclicking” after multiple admins over multiple days have warned/asked you to stop. This is your 6th ban and it thus appeal-only @ - Pancake”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Since this happened over multiple days, I don’t think it matters if I summarize all of them individually, as it’s a relapse. Shortly before the ban (days? weeks?), I opened issue #6477, which describes an exploit where clicking fast enough with food, drinks, syringes, anything of the sort, would queue multiple same-type actions to be performed on one target. Sometime later, the issue has been “fixed”, with only minor success as you could still use autoclickers (but still replicable with a quick enough drag) to replicate the issue. The issue has since been fixed from around May with an unknown (at least to me) change.
Regardless, around the time I used to play Chemist a lot (being one of my favorite roles for other reasons) and used to queue lots of drinking actions for myself when I should’ve been using pills. Frankly, the latency to Lizard is high from my region, so I opted for drinking healing chems with spam instead of choosing a 5-10 seconds longer route (accounting for reaction times, menuing latency, consumption), hence the warnings and proceeding ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Frankly, I have no clue why I SHOULD be unbanned at all, considering this is my sixth offense and the others being for more diverse reasons. I’ve waited for months to write this appeal due to commitment issues regarding the original exploit (even I did get unbanned then, I don’t think the muscle memory leading up to that would have faded, I’d just get banned again without any chance of further appeals and several other people asking me “to code the fix”). I think writing an appeal for this is still worth the effort, since all the activity in the game is (at least this moment) concentrated on one server. Not very decentralized like SS13, so getting banned essentially means getting banned from the entire game for at least several more months, or even years waiting for the playerbase to catch up with the counts.
Anything else we should know: I guess I’ve been trying to map lobby music to proper MIDIs. There’s really nothing more relevant I can write in this appeal.

I might or might not have also been Game Mastering on another server, but I’m not sure if being a stable player elsewhere in SS14 is really noteworthy. -_(:>)_/-

Given your experience and conduct on Corvax (which I haven’t heard anything bad about) I’m willing to give you another shot here. Note that this will effectively be probation and any behavior related to excessive powergaming or exploiting mechanics will result in a no-appeal permanent ban.

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