Ryan Ross's Ban Appeal

Role(s): Command Ban
Length of ban:  Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: (this was a while ago so I don’t remember much) I was working a shift as captain and at the time clowns were causing some disruption from slipping, throwing pies, so I ended up announcing a clown hunt which involved capturing clowns and locking them up in zoo’s. I ended up releasing them since leaving them there for the entire shift was unjust. I also think I had a secound reason which was because I went SSD at CMO without notifying admins,
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel I no longer need to be banned as I stoped hating or discrimainting clowns, Ive also fixed up my act and started behaving better. I also re-read the rules to ensure I dont break anymore rules and the reason for the CMO thing was That I was smelling gas in my home so I turned off all electronics and lights and opened the windows asap. It ended up just being my neighbours shitty heater system.

You seem to have an extensive history of being warned for your behaviour, names and large number of command issues.

this command ban was placed 9/14/2023, So you have served it for little over one month. 

The reason for the ban :  rolebanned from command for locking the clown up without a known reason as the Captain, proceeeded to SSD in the CMO’s room without warning.

Moving onto the thoughts and concerns I have, you appear to have a proclivity for irrational behaviour as command. 
You’ve shown a lack of growth in terms of actually reading rules for command, and I find it somewhat hard to trust that we wont have further issues such as you suiciding out of command roles, gibbing crew as command roles without authorisation or initiating witch hunts for nothing other than disdain for certain roles. 

We will be placing a vote on whether or not to accept this appeal, and once admin consensus is reached I will return to provide the verdict. 

Admin Consensus is to Deny this appeal. 

You are welcome to appeal again in the future, Though I would do so after a few weeks as the likelyhood of an appeal being accepted after a recently denied one is incredibly low. 

I suggest waiting until 12/Nov/2023 before Re-Appealing. 

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