Ryan Strudfelt's Admin application

In-game Username: RyanStrudfelt
Discord username: ryan_strudfelt (nickname : Honkzee Beezs)
Characters you play: Joseph mayers, Keldor Vossmeiser, Honkzee Beezs, Sparassidae-Venator, Marcus Vauhn, Prevents-The-Darkness, Mosska Vauhn, (the last three of these are rarely played, but still have been played)
How many hours are you available per day: upwards of eight to twelve hours. potentially more.
Days you are available on: monday to sunday weekly.

Are you at least 18 years old? : I am twenty five years old.

How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? : I have been playing ss13 since may 29th 2013, on paradise station. and ss14 since around february 2023.

Do you have prior administration experience (SS13/SS14 experience preferred, please also post a way for us to verify this)? 

I have had some experience dealing with administrative duties in other games, namely DarkRP garry’s mod. But I sadly have no way to verify this due to the community shutting down some ten years ago now.
Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? : Never, And I hope never to be.
Answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?
Admins fulfil a varying straight of roles, from keeping things PG for the younger members and resolving issues with rulebreaking, rescuing players from bugs or glitches and even answering questions about what is allowed when asked, such as an antagonist asking if their desired plan is “going too far” 

That said, admins also serve to make rounds more interesting if things are going particularly slowly or smoothly. Occasionally throwing a wrench into the works for the sake of giving departments a need to stay on their toes, or even give the wider station as a whole something to do. though in most cases they are to stay hands off, and allow the round to proceed mostly unaltered.

whether that is a harmless social event, or life threatening situation that requires all hands on deck.

A few things I have witnessed have been events such as Nanotrasen giving the crew a beach day, Inspectors comming to ensure the station is running well, and the heads are performing their duties admirably, (maybe coincidentally as a nuke team is arriving too…) 

Responding to Faxes to central command, and acting as central command for those purposes. whether that be sending officious documents back citing orders and intentions for the command staff to follow, or responding to assumed breaches of the chain of command through sending inspectors. 

These all served to break up the mundane regular rounds with unique and often interesting events that inspired players to make their own unique fun in those instances. 

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?
I feel that Salamander has a high quality of roleplay at the best of times, though sometimes it slips and people fall into a patern of Low-Roleplay behaviour given some circumstances such as nuclear operatives, or the like. Most of my time has been spent on salamander, and I do enjoy my time there. 

Leviathan has a nice mixture of LRP laxness, and MRP styled roleplay, of the small number of rounds I have played, I find it a good inbetween for things such as testing a new role, or even just wanting to goof around in your role. 
With a higher playercount the number of interactions I’ve had that kept me guessing were overall more interesting than that of some of my Salamander interactions. 

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?
I’ve been playing Spacestation for a while now, and I enjoy the community and the wacky things that I’ve seen. I’m no coder and I have a lot of respect for the staff keeping the game running. 

I suppose I would like to share some of the load that the staff have been taking on, as I understand the trouble that you all go through, witnessing the discord and rounds where people have needed help due to things being broken or people just not wanting to follow the rules, Even people just bullying and flaming one-another. 

That said I would also like to be able to create some hilarious moments for others by being able to take part in the behind-the-scenes magic the admins sometimes work to make a little bit more chaos in game for people.
I understand that the staff are expected to be on both sides of the coin, rules-keeper and Game-master. and hope that I can meet that balance so that people can enjoy the game I’ve loved for ten years plus, in it’s newest incarnation, the same ways that I have.

Other than banning problematic players, what admin actions do you believe have the biggest positive impact?
Being there to elaborate on the crazy and unique plans players are innacting, whether that is a simple confused question from centcom, or having the time to respond to a clown calling the honkmother. Giving the chaplain the connection to their gods when fit and possibly giving scientists a spook when they research a theory of theirs. 

even giving the players a personal event where they are the only one to see something, I know I’ve freaked out when teleported to a lava filled waste by Lord Eclipse as my clown, only to be told a story and make a friend with an ages old spirit doomed to fade away in the end of times. 

Have you ever had a negative experience in the game or with a game admin? If so what, if anything, would you do to prevent other players from experiencing this?
I have had my moments where players have intentionally griefed a round, snipping wires around the station at random to kill the power. or spawning in as my rat servants and trying to kill me more recently. 

To this, Though there is not too much that can be done preventatively… I would say I would be proactive in responding to these incidents as fast as possible to negate harm done, and potentially remedy some of the issues depending on the severity, I.E Revive an unfairly killed ratking, or repair some of the wires if possible. though I understand that this is something that would need careful thought, as it is not always apropriate to do so.

Have you ever had a good experience with the game or a game admin? If so, what was it?
Looking at my interaction with lord eclipse here again, I was on salamander, playing my clown honkzee beezs, when I was talking about a demon we had encountered, I was whisked away to a lava filled plannet. told a harrowing tail of treachery, betrayal, murder and sorrow. 

A story of a pair of brothers, who’s kingdom thrived peacefully until one of the siblings killed the other infront of the daughter of the slain, before trapping his soul to serve him as a slave for many years. ultimately this brother caused the end of their entire world, laughing as a madman. but leaving this poor soul alone, on a desolate world, for so long, that even the stars had burnt out, and nothing was left… 

he was alone for so long he had even forgotten his own name. 

His only wish? That someone remember his tale, Honkzee commited the story to memory and bestowed a new name on his newfound friend… Maximus… Before being sent back to his station, confused and ultimately heartbroken over the loss of his friend.

The following are scenarios, respond with how you would handle each as an administrator. Respond with the assumption that you are an administrator with full access to the admin tools, and that you have all the knowledge needed to use these tools. Respond in detail, explain the reasons behind decisions you make and describe any assumptions you are making. When you need to make an assumption, it is preferred for you to describe how differences in the assumption would affect your actions.

It is the start of the round. There are 60 players on the server. The game mode is traitors, traitors have not been selected yet. A chaplain prays to you “Give me a task my lord”.
I would first wait a moment and see if a traitor would be selected with a particularly heinous task, if nothing suited the bill. I would consider turning the chaplain into a traitor with a few potential tasks for them, Whispering in their ear as their deity. “My will is spoken, Go forth my child… And perform these rites against the heathens.” assuming I can custom assign an objective I would then task them with stealing from either the science or medical department for their “unholy” practices, or perhaps ask of them to slay the RD for their heretical practices, before dying a “glorious death” in the name of their lord to prove their faith, and join me at my side. 

Assuming the traitors are assigned and a particularly interesting task has been given to one, I may task the chaplain with “watching over a lost lamb” with the intention of having the chaplain watch over a kill objective, or even the projected killer, as they “do the lords work”

You see a clown using crayon to write on the floor in front of security. The clown writings are negative things about security, like “shitsec”. A secoff tells the clown that they’re being arrested for vandalism, stuns them, and cuffs them. Before the secoff is able to get the clown into the brig, a passenger slips the secoff, causing them to lose their baton, then uses the baton to stun another secoff that comes to help as the clown runs away. The passenger escapes through disposals.
I would observe the situation for a bit, seeing if the passenger continues to cause further issues as such, or are potentially self-antaging. 

If the player proceeds to dump the baton and run for it, I would let it go but continue to monitor them intermittently to ensure it was an isolated incident that didnt need further action. assuming that it stays minor, with no escalation of force on their part. all is good.

If they proceed to start causing more incidents like this, and continually steal security gear whilst causing an escalation of the issue, for example causing the death of another player or officer. I would Send them a message via the Ahelp terminal and ask them what they are doing, whilst stating that their behaviour is reminicsent of Self-Antaging, warning them to tone it down. if continued I may push things further with a more direct penalization.

You log in to handle an ahelp that came in while nobody was online about “self-antag” activity. The player being reported as self-antagging was being a problem and could be considered acting outside of the rules, but they are no longer online and cannot be contacted about their behavior. While outside of the rules, the infractions are minor and would not normally result in more than a warning in most cases.
Firstly I would look over the incident in the logs, investigating to see what happened, and if possible contact the affected person’s to get more context, going off whether or not the infraction was through minor behaviour I would make a note on the player and leave it at that. 

However if the self-antaging behaviour was something all-around much more disruptive and affected the round as a whole, I may enquire with the other staff about if it required more than just a note if that were feasible, though It sounds as if the question makes out the problem to be relatively minor, these things can sometimes get to be much larger. if the logs and player descriptions of events made out the events to be more than self-antaging and more along the lines of griefing, I would look into the apropriate measures for the level of offense and potentially ban / appeal ban them.

Administrating the UNOFFICIAL and Private SalamanderMRP discord with 60+ members. ( Putting this down as We have had to enforce rullings and deal with unrest. I was unsure if this would even classify as relevant at first.)

I have been for the last four months, Administrating the Unofficial Salamander MRP discord. 
This has entailed coming up with a set of rules and regulations on how we allow people to conduct themselves within the discord server, the types of punishments and warnings we will hand down for violation of these rules, And relations with the community and Server administration. 

Again I want to stress this discord server is Unofficial, and has nuemerous game admins in to ensure it is not used for purposes outlined as Banned within the game rules. I.E Metacomming and such. we also have rules regarding metacoming within the discord and enforce these strictly. 

At request I can provide peers who can verify this and Evidence of my involvement in these processes. 

Application accepted, please check your discord for instructions on how to proceed. Good luck during your trial period and welcome to the admin team!

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