Samrai - Metacommunications and being a idiot


Ban reason: Meta communications and doing stupid cult like shit
Length of ban: Until a appeal is made
Events leading to the ban: So I recently got a friend into SS14 (XALALA), and we join the server that we’ve been playing on our third friend (XALELE) (Please forgive the stupidity of the names its a inside joke) was screwing around as medical and I was a bartender and XALALA was a chaplain when he decided to ask us to come to church since no one is doing anything there, I will take the blame as I didn’t know Metacommunication was a thing and just wanted to meme with friends in the chaplain and RP with eachother in a memey way, I played SS13, and had a experience with the funny stuff you can do as Chaplain and wanted to give that experience in some way to my friends im bringing into it (XALALA) (XALELE) so I consented to get murdered by the chaplain because I was bored and I had stuff to do so I was like “Murder me hope SEC arrives make one last I AM DARK GODS CHILD YADA YADA” and live out the reset of the day in the cell, So he murders me and he also gets another player to consent to be murdered as well, we forgot the name but they went in there and consented so yea funny stuff, then to cover the murder scene he spills wine because something I didnt know that he didnt as well is that blood apparently can fill up into a room and start leaking out, so 10/10 play spilling win to cover it up I laughed so hard when he did that, but none the less he continued to meme and I laughed XALELE she laughed and everyone had a good chuckle eventually she goes down gets another body from the morgue with her character “I advised one that is rotten and couldnt be revived” and brings it up then places herself on the bed to be sacrificed, chaplain my buddy hears the consenting words murders her and then drags out all the bodies in one last glorius display to the dark gods and their name in his words but funny shit is that the Captain arrives says “I dont need to deal with this shit.” (Note I advised my friend to let the captain be angry and let him go, as in a situation like this anyone you kill needs to be atleast some form in on it or consented via text or implication if your not a traitor." So he does so SEC arrives, he drags some random body that he found that someone brought in (I found out it was spaced) and then laughs so hard because the captain is seeing the chaplain bring in another body stripped into the church, eventually he just sits there and SEC never arrives, to arrest him this is where I take the blame 100% of what happens afterward, feeling a bit annoyed my friend wasn’t given a sort of experience and conclusion of being atleast gun downed, the next game I decided to do a quick showcase that SEC can be fun to watch beat you down and arrest you or rescue you in this case, and I broke the warning the admin gave me and messaged him on steam to follow the guy who says “I hope I dont do culty stuff today” or something like that, and he did and I sacrificed him, (XALELE was smart and did not want any of it, unsure if she got banned though if she did my fault entirely), so I got him to go to chapel I told people to bring as many witnesses as possible and books and flares, to make it as big as possible to get SEC to see what the commotion was about, and then in one funny huzzah my friend screams “IN HIS NAME” and I butcher him both of us LOLing at the people screaming and SEC running in and beating us senseless, now I will take the blame for the random player who also took it a bit far and joined in and started beating SEC and somehow restraining him and then also butchering him (Do not worry the SEC CADET was rescued in a timely matter by more SEC busting the door and beating us all), At this point the admin messages us again, and I realize I fucked up and that is what lead to our ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: I will admit, I got carried away, with friends but I wanted to kinda “Shadow parent” them a bit until they understood the game enough to kind of enjoy it, I will admit I got carried away for the events that transpired, and I apologies, and I would like to apologize to the admin who gave me a warning and stern understanding of “Im gonna let you off but dont communicate, if its consent its consent to RP but no communication” which is 100% justifiable, But I was a idiot and wanted to give my friend the SEC beat down experience that he didnt get from the round we elevated him, and I decided to do what I did and break the rules and the admins trust in that warning, on behalf of my friends who don’t deserve the ban please unban them, Im fine with mine I deserve it 100% but not them they’re new to the game and don’t deserve to suffer what I did, so I don’t ask to appeal me but rather to appeal them if have any form of new player merciful act, and to allow them to play the game they love it and I hate I ruined it for them by my stupidity to relive what I experienced in SS13, so apologies to you all and your server. 

Players Involved : (XALALA) (Samrai) (XALELE)

i say to everyone when i say: this is a bit hard to read, probably tidy it up a bit, add paragraphs or try to shorten it

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 1 week.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Relatively new player/ low playtime
  • No previous history of issues.

Keep the the rules moving forward, Ban accepted and lifted with reduction of 1 week.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals