SCPFoundationGaming123 - RDM As Captain

SS14 account username: SCPFoundationGaming123
Role(s): All Command and Security roles
Date of ban: A year ago
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: It was late and I had just got the amount of hours required to be captain. I decided to try out captain and began the shift by arming myself with a pistol from the armory, and declaring drugs legal. A protester began protesting outside the bridge and after he denied my requests for him to move, I shot him several times with a pistol until he was in crit. I then was killed by the Head of Security. As a ghost I got an admin message asking me to explain my recent actions as captain. I, panicking simply replied no. Before being given the ban.
Reason the ban should be removed: I no longer would do this. It was immature and harmful to the fun of the other players. I can now understand how if I was that player protesting, I would be a bit upset if I was suddenly shot into critical condition. I went a bit too far for a joke and didn’t even really understand what the captain is supposed to do as it was my first time playing as captain. I assumed wrongfully that captain basically could do whatever they wanted as they were the highest ranking job who oversaw every other department and command role. Which, looking back was very stupid.

Almost all of your short bouts of connection history coincide with notes for issues. During August 2022 you were noted to be force-feeding players poison without reason, followed by a short few days of connection in November 2022 after. On January 2022 this particular incident happened where you “declared lethal force always authorized against criminal behavior” which resulted in this ban.

At this time you’ve only had five days of connection history since this ban. I would request you appeal again in at least two weeks. If there’s still no issues and a decent track record of playtime there should be no problem lifting this ban.

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