Sdi (Validhunting)

SS14 account:

Character name:
Ava (I forgort the last name if I even made one)

Type of Ban:
Appeal Ban

Date of Ban and Duration:
4/9/2022 duration is permenant but apealable

Reason for Ban:
Validhunting raised to an appeal ban for having two previous bans in the past six months

Server you were playing on when banned:

Your side of the story:
So I was qm and the nuke was going off and a bunch of people hopped on the cargo ship to escape they were going to leave with or without me so I hopped on too they told me to fly so I did and I then proceeded to look for the nukie ship to find any sort of weapons to fight the nukies on it and to check if the nuke that was being set off was on the nukie ship because we couldn’t open the laser crates we bought due to having nobody with sec access abord the shuttle and regarding the raising of the ban to an appeal ban the only ban I had before this in the past six months I only had one previous ban that was a week ban for hitting a janitor as chaplin when they attacked my bat over and over again I did have one ban before this but it was fully lifted and wiped off my reccord for being a fase ban basically an antag I caught with traitor items and a holo got shitty with me and ahelped saying I killed them just for trying to break in somewhere

Why you think you should be unbanned:
I only had one previous ban in the past six months before this so I feel atleast it should be lowered to a week or month ban and I don’t feel saying I was validhunting was right because I was attempting to find weapons to use to fight the nukies and I was not alone allot of people were on the shuttle with me I have also seen people outright steal the shuttle to do that halting orders when the nuke isn’t currently counting down and not getting punished for that at all

Your ban was, in fact mislabeled. But it was not mislabeled in your favor.

You were banned on July 17th for theft. As you had multiple prior bans on your previous account that were still on your record at that time, it was appeal-only. As per our banning policy, the second appealban you receive is voucher only.

You have a very long list of bans on your account over a long period of time. We talked about it and decided we are not making an exception for you. This ban will require a voucher from another SS13 or SS14 server to appeal and you may appeal no sooner than March 5th, 2023.

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