Security is rude

SS14 account: Some_Random
Character name:   Jane or something else i don’t remember
When was the ban: i was banned March, 5th, 7:20 - 7:40. Lizard.
Your side of the story:  i was just being a medical clown since the round already started and i decided to troll a bit and trip security and was arrested from taking a bag shell to a gun and security proceeded me which i made them (1x at the time) trip over a banana peel and then they harm baton me which i told them to take me to medical and they wouldn’t and then the security said they would perma me in brig or something and try to perma me for noting illegal i did and then after i got out and then left the cell and went right back in i was baton’d not harm but i was harm baton’d by a security officer. ( i only said the things i felt as i was angered that i left the cell and went back in and was given 5 minutes for noting wrong except leaving my cell for 3 seconds and went back in then the officer said that “he could’ve died.” and then maximum timed me for that which it was only 2 minutes after i got out of the cuffs.
 Why you think you should be unbanned:  I don’t think i would be allowed back in the server after i almost finished saying the N bomb but i didn’t realize the time i said it was on Public radio i don’t really care if i was unfair to the security but i probably deserver a perma for what i said on Public this was my Second ban.
Anything else we should know: also i believe the security officer should’ve been warned not to make it a whole five minutes maximum for a small crime of leaving my cell, and they didn’t even take my stuff from my bag or me except the stuff in my hands not pockets they left the banana peels and everything else.

also moony surgery is pretty cool isn’t it.

@moony @Stealth16

It doesn’t matter when or where you said it, it is strictly against the rules and we perma for it in all cases.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals