Security misbehaviour and not thinking twice

SS14 account username: FriekandelKaaskroket
Role(s): Every security role
Date of ban: 27-06-2023
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: I was playing as warden when a clown stumbled into security. Somehow even with 3 guards we could not get the clown out of the department, so i locked him up. Eventually the clown was killed. I do not recall if it was me or another security officer. I remember 2 syndacates getting arrested and put in cells. If im correct at this point in time the power levels all over the station were near 0, Resulting in everything being unpowered. While the secoffs were looking through one of the syndicate’s stuff i saw an esword and i picked it up. I did not have a crowbar at the time so i thought it would be a solution to break the doors with the esword to break out. In full honesty i do not recall what happened/lead to me spacing myelf.
Reason the ban should be removed: Its been about 4 months since the ban and figured this was the apropriate time for an appeal. I think i developed quite a lot since the ban into a better player overall. I have had zero admin interaction since the ban and thats why i think now is a good time to appeal. (yes the ‘events leading to the ban’ is copy paste but i didnt know what else to put there)

Actually i just recalled 2 admin interactions i had. one with Chief_Engineer about light implants and one with Kezu about messing around as ian. I apolligize for that. 

Just remember that security and command are held to a higher standard than normal crew. Accepted.

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