Security officers refusing orders and giving back confiscated weapons/stolen gear from evidence to perpetrators

Question 1: As a head of security, what can I do against security officers that give back weapons/stolen gear to perpetrators?

As an example situation that I’ve experienced, a security officer upon an AOS (arrest on sight) callout immediately said over sec channel to ignore the AOS, despite it coming from me as a HOS. This officer then proceeded take all stolen gear (eva suit) and weapons (spears) that I’ve confiscated from the perpetrator and give it back to them after I turned my back for a moment.

Question 2: Same question, but assume the captain is a friend of the rogue officer and refuses to allow demotion of said officer?

As the head of the department, you’re free to demote anyone in the department for many reasons. On LRP, you are free to perform any combination of demoting and arresting security officers inappropriately distributing weaponry.

As members of command, captain’s are expected to act in the best interest of the station in almost all, if not all, cases. Captains who fail to do so can be ahelped and may be role banned. Captains who do so because of an OOC relationship with another player are likely in violation of the metagaming rules and may be game banned