Security's reach when overhearing possible criminal activity

I was eaves dropping as sec in maints and there were three syndicates talking about plans on how they will perform it. It was code blue and I didn’t do an arrest since I’m too scared to make a mistake. 
I was planning to arrest all three and and seperate them in perms them before a stationwide manslaughter and spacing will occur. but I’m too scared since I kinda do t want to get into trouble or worse be banned. 

  • my initial plan was to stalk one and wait for some evidence they did soemthing syndicate like acitivty

  • other plan was just to troll them hard until they buy soemthing to the point I can initiate arrest

  • other plan is report it in commons and tell these three are syndicates station wide so people will be aware( stupid idea tho lol)


what I did was the most normal solution of all: just report it to sec comms, and hope hos or warden order me to do an arrest for investigation on them

  • I want to ask what on the theee choices I offered is a choice that will not get me into trouble to admins?

  • and what options can u provide? I’m always want to hear second opinions since this one is really hard to think of…

This question is rather vague in many aspects and doesn’t really seem to be asking about a specific rule, however we think illustrating the bounds and reasonable actions of security in some scenarios would be beneficial. To answer your question, here is the information you provided of this scenario:

  • There are three people in maintenance somewhere
  • They are talking about something
  • Based on whatever you heard (you never specify) you assume they are up to illicit or syndicate activity

At this point, the strongest intrusion you can probably wager on that information alone is randomly searching one or more of the individuals as Code Blue enables Security to conduct random searches of crew for any reason at any time. If these people were to refuse a random search, that could be cause for an arrest and forcible search. To be clear, this random search does not have to be conducted immediately and can simply be done the next time you see them.

Alternatively, unless someone’s life is in immediate danger, you probably would not be expected to directly intervene into this situation as security as there could be a high likelyhood of being ambushed. Simply making note of the names of the individuals you overheard/what they were talking about and using that intelligence later (and sharing it with security) can be sufficient instead of being required to interject yourself into this situation.

Depending on what exactly you heard, if you actually witness any criminal activity, and if you actually uncover any contraband by fruits of a search (via arrest or random search), will dictate if you can take any further action. The act of merely hearing someone talk about illicit activity alone would generally not be enough to brand them a hostile agent.

EDIT: Also of note here is that depending on what information you hear, a search based upon your suspicion during code green would also be justified, with further action being justified by what you do/do not find upon that search.

A rule clarification supporting the original answer has been created to update this question to be compatible with the new system, which aims to support all answers with clarifications. I think it covers everything here that isn’t either an example or already very closely covered by rules, but if I missed something, feel free to contact me or freeman so it can be fixed.