Self-antag ban Rioting and bitting 8 times different people before running away

ban time:10h

things i did bad:causing station ending kadzu (by being unlucky) twice in a row (it was moving faster than my spray can particel)

Rioting once when the station turned on captain after he called EVAC literly 3 seconds and got carried away protesting infront of Bridge with a quarter of a station and trying to brake in(that was 2 months ago)

today: taking meth as remilla noticing how fast i was and bitting  a few people so that theyll try shooting but missing me because i was that fast (was not trying to kill and purposly not bitten many times in a row to not crit, i was just being anoying because i was bored not finding chaplain because the book was in possesion of some atmos guy.

Reason i am apealing: the engineer staff guy i said i should apeal so here i am and i was just biting while medical was intact and anti phisical damage meds where stocked(just was trolling not realy antaging the station).And the riot was 2 months ago and i didnt do sinze and he said i was banned because i did that 2 month ago ontop of the trolling.

(i hope i submit this right this is my first time submitting a ban apeal and not even sure if i put it in the right thing)


I’m closing this appeal as the ban has already expired.

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