Self Ban Appeal

SS14 account username: Toboyo
Ban reason: I asked to be banned for three days so I could focus on a project.
Date of ban: Jan 24th
Length of ban: 3 days.
Events leading to the ban: I ahelped and asked if I could be banned for three days.
Reason the ban should be removed: I couldnt sleep that night and spent 9 or so hours consuming caffeine and finished my project in one night. This was supposed to be a Christmas present to my little brother and I just never finished it and kept putting it off. I finished building him a nerf sentry gun that used an arduino to shoot at moving heated objects. I would like to be unbanned please. I can provide proof that its done if needed.

Ban lifted, no proof needed. Welcome back and enjoy yourself.


thanks bro

i want to see the pictures though

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