Ban reason: Caused station believed they were an antag, resulting in a station-wide-fight in ‘‘self-defense’’

Length of ban: permaban until appeal

Events leading to the ban:  captain attacked me because ı killed a rev then of course ı defended myself against captain, after captain is dead ı took is ıd and called the shuttle because there was more then 10 revs in low pop  and after this I continued self defensing ı never attacked innocent people and ım banned because ı defended myself. And I do not accept the   ‘’resulting in a station-wide-fight’’  reason because its a lie because the wide fight is not started because of me its all sec and command fault(and revs).

Reason the ban should be removed: I never attacked  anyone who did not attack me and was not a threat to me(By threat I mean people hanging around with spears and after ı my dead ı saw they were all revs ım not sorry for my actions because why would ı. ı just defended myself and never attacked innocent (ı trust logs)

I put this appeal to a vote amongst other admins and the resulting action was to deny it. You can appeal again in 2 weeks time.

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