[serega323] - [The raid]

The reason for the ban: [raider]
The duration of the ban: [this ban can only be appealed]
Events leading to the ban: [I haven’t logged into the game for a very long time. I’m going in to play now, I can’t]
The reason why the ban should be lifted: I don’t remember exactly what happened. but please unban me, I want to play, I will follow the rules of the server, I promise. remove the banner

Is your username serega323?



There is no ban on your account on our servers. Are you sure you are not appealing for the wrong server? In this forum we only do ban appeals for servers with names that start with “[EN] Wizard’s Den”.

I get this and I don’t know what to do


I get this and I don’t know what to do


After some minor investigation this ban appears to from a server group “МЁРТВЫЙ КОСМОС :rocket: Фобос-1” or “DEAD SPACE :rocket: Phobos-1”
These servers are not managed by us however this is a link to their discord server, where you can likely appeal this ban with them. https://discord.com/invite/sd2yqMz8cy

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