SergioKoepple - Ban Appeal (English Only Server)

SS14 account: Sergio Koepple
Character name: Jackie Bodega
Type of Ban: Server Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 11/12/2022
Reason for Ban: Disconnected: “Connection denied: You, or another user of this computer or connection, are banned from playing here. The ban reason is: “English only server. Appeal @,14,io” This ban is appeal only.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US west]
Your side of the story: Honestly very confused with this whole thing. I got banned for “English only server” when the only language I speak is English? I had on the Russian Ushanka hat on my character and it changes the font occasionally of some words to look Russian…but that’s literally part of the item. I wasn’t speaking any other language.
Why you think you should be unbanned : This ban is not only unfair but just simply incorrect because the only language I ever spoke and continue to speak is English.
Anything else we should know: I am not sure if this ban was a detection of some software within the game to auto ban upon foreign language or rather an admin who did the ban themselves. If it is the former of the two I would definitely let people know there is a bug going on so that something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else. If it is the latter of the two then I am quite confused what admin would mistake the Ushanka Hat items effect for I or anyone else speaking actual russian. This whole things a little frustrating because I was having fun and was excited to play more tonight but I guess I’ll have to wait until this is all resolved. Thank you.


ah FUCK.


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