Server ban appeal. Banning admin: unknown

SS14: account: Pilotus

Character name: Rusty

When was the ban: Early February

Server where the ban occurred: Wizards den: Lizard

My side of the story: I was arrested by sec over a prank and when they refused to release me i broke out of prison and murderboned every guard who tried to stop me including the hop.

Why i should be unbanned: I only killed the people who tried to stop me from leaving, if i had been released prior due to it only being a prank this whole situation never would have happened in the first place, Insane shit caused by incompetence is the entire spirit of ss13.

Thank you for your time, - Rusty

The ban message states to appeal in six months.
Alongside this, you completely fail to address the full reason for your ban. You can appeal on July 16th, with an actual acknowledgement of your poor behavior, and a reason for us to let you back in.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals