SFMokou - Perma'd for ban evasion


SS14 account username: [SFMokou]
Ban reason: [Attempted ban evasion during a 3 day ban.]
Date of ban: [12/24/22]
Length of ban: [Appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [Self antagged(broke into sec, cut wires, resisted arrest, ect. Got a 3 day for that. Ended up getting perma’d for using a VPN on an alt; attempting to reconnect.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Was new to the game, didn’t understand the RP aspect of it. Will no longer continue to be an issue.]

Hi there, I was one of the spectators watching that shift before I sent out an admin message to confirm if you were a syndicate agent or not, turns out you weren’t. The station was Kettle.

Not only did you mess with security and cut their wires. You were also cutting wires in maintenance tunnels and cutting wires everywhere you could see. You tried to fight an atmos tech over letting you in the tool room for engineering (which you broke into) but you let yourself in after they went SSD by dismantling the window and took some insulated glove before cutting off the HV cables from the SMES, the AME and the singularity. That doesn’t tell me that you’re a “new” player with how targetted it was. Also cut some wires near the right of science at a security checkpoint.

You also tried to get people to help you mess with security via wires or breaking in security. You asked a technical assistant to help you which they didn’t and then you asked a security cadet to hand you their PDA and to not listen to the person teaching them who was a security officer who arrested you.

After multiple failed escape attempts and griefing Security. You were gibbed/smited by an admin after you were heading back to security.

The way you moved about and the way you were acting, I do not buy that “new player” excuse.

By attempting to evade a ban, users demonstrate not only a disregard for the server’s rules, but also an intent to prevent administrators from enforcing those rules. Our policy on ban evasion requires that you only be allowed to submit an appeal with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server and only after 6 months have passed since your last attempt at ban evasion.

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