Shaddap - Shot someone trashing bar as bartender

SS14 account: Shaddap
Character name: Don’t remember
Type of Ban: Permaban
Date of Ban and Duration: More than a month ago, possibly 2 months
Reason for Ban: “RDM’d as bartender because someone said his drink was shit.  Left before I could question them.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Not sure that I remember perfectly but someone ordered a drink, I made the drink, they said it was bad and threw glasses around so I shot them with the bartender gun.  I dragged him to medical and kept playing, and logged out late at night before getting bwoinked.  In the past I’ve been murdered by the bartender, security, and clown for less, and considering that I ensured he got medical treatment I wouldn’t classify it as RDM.

Why you think you should be unbanned: It’s been a long time since this happened and I understand that I reacted to the situation inappropriately.  I have broken the rules and done questionable things in the past so I understand that the permaban reflects on past behavior as well.  When I started playing SS14 I was frustrated by players like me doing whatever they wanted.  I wanted to “get good” at the game as quickly as possible so I spent non-antag rounds practicing breaking in to places with no larger intent of ruining everyone’s round.  There were a lot of times where sec responded to this behavior extremely excessively so I escalated in response, which was wrong on my part.  On the other hand, for each time I’ve done something stupid, I’ve spent countless rounds teaching new players engineering, chem, and was applauded by other players for my restrained approach as HoS.  In conclusion, I don’t think a ban was unjustified in response, but given that it’s been more than a month, I would like to appeal the permanent aspect of the ban and promise to be a better community member henceforth. 

Anything else we should know:  I am a strong roleplayer who likes to get other players involved with the larger stories of the round.  My approach to antag is usually non-lethal and creative.  I would love to play on a medium-rp server someday and would be sad to learn that I have thrown that opportunity away.

Hi Shaddap,

We’ve reviewed your ban appeal, and we’ve   decided to  lift your ban.

You’ve understood that your reaction was an improper handling of the situation with the other player, and you’ve also taken upon yourself to acknowledge your faults and flaws within your playstyle, which to the point you’ve stated you will begin to improve your conduct.

Welcome back.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals