Sheepster's Application

In-game Username:  Sheepsters
Discord username:  sheepsters
Characters you play:  Nicole Sunlamp

On average, how many hours do you expect to admin per week:  I play on average ten, to twenty hours a week of this game. So, half if not more than half of those hours.

Days you are available to admin on:  Basically Monday - Wednesday

How old are you?:  Twenty-five.

Do you have any SS14 experience outside of Wizard’s Den servers, or any SS13 experience?: I played on Frontier for a time, as well as Nuclear 14. I tried SS13 many times, but, never really got into it like I did with 14.

Do you have prior administration experience (SS13/SS14 experience preferred, please also post a way for us to verify this)?: I do not, but always willing to learn. I’ve played around with admin stuff on my own hosted server to test things and learn about tools and departments.

Have you ever been banned from any SS14 or SS13 servers?: No but I did receive an Ahelp within my first few days of playing for something.

Admins have the ability to perform various tasks which are not available to the average player. An incomplete list of these tasks is: in-game rule enforcement, in-game events, ban appeals, and out-of-game rule enforcement through things like replay/log reviews in response to player reports. With these, and any other tasks you’re aware of in mind, answer the following two questions.

What are you primarily interested in doing as an admin?:
I really want to create fun events and make things immersive for players. I enjoy creating stories, which is why I like to DM/GM. 

What are you least interested in doing as an admin?: That would likely be banning people, I really hate ruining people’s fun. But I also hate seeing other people’s fun being ruined. Followed by log reviewing, been told it’s quite annoying and hard to get used to.

_ Answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning. _

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?
They keep the peace, keep players following rules, and make the server an enjoyable place to be while creating fun for everyone.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?
To do as stated above, create stories, situations, and events for people to enjoy. I want to help people create stories that they can happily remember and share with others.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the servers?
LRP is pretty abysmal, but I do quite enjoy how Salamander handles itself.

Other than banning problematic players, what admin actions do you believe have the biggest positive impact?
Interacting with players to make their experience more enjoyable through small little things. Interacting with them through forces unseen to add variety to a round.

Have you ever had a negative experience in the game or with a game admin? If so what, if anything, would you do to prevent other players from experiencing this?
I had a fellow when I first joined hunt me down over two separate rounds something I had done to him when I first joined. I had picked up a spear he had wanted that had spawned in maints. But I had gotten to it first. He proceeded to spend the entire round trying to make my life hell, slipping, throwing drinks and glasses at me, at one point handcuffing and tying me to a chair, etc. 

Luckily I was able to report it and it was handled and dealt with on the second round when they deliberately started targeting me again for no apparent reason. 

Have you ever had a good experience with the game or a game admin? If so, what was it?
Yes. I wish I knew the admin’s name. I cannot remember. But, it was my first three or so weeks on Wizden. Lizard. I had gotten Syndicate. I decided to become a “Maints Slasher” cause I’d seen it on a youtube video of someone else basically doing the same thing. I set up electrified grilles and probably killed upwards of 30 players by myself when I got Ahelped and told what I was doing was… Against the rules.

It was my mistake for not having fully remembered the rules, I’d only done periodic glances and read through it a single time and had managed to forget that entire part about killing people unneeded in maints. The admin was very understanding as I was still somewhat new, we talked and I apologized and that was that.

The following are scenarios, respond with how you would handle each as an administrator. Respond with the assumption that you are an administrator with full access to the admin tools, and that you have all the knowledge needed to use these tools. Respond in detail, explain the reasons behind decisions you make and describe any assumptions you are making. When you need to make an assumption, it is preferred for you to describe how differences in the assumption would affect your actions.

It is the start of the round. There are 60 players on the server. The game mode is traitors, traitors have not been selected yet. There are three players who decided to observe the round instead of join it orbiting you. Two of them are encouraging you to “do something funny”.

Simply ignore them as there is no reason for me to even remotely consider interacting with the round unless there is a need for it, or a report of something happening. 

You see a clown using crayon to write on the floor in front of security. The clown writings are negative things about security, like “shitsec”. A secoff tells the clown that they’re being arrested for vandalism, stuns them, and cuffs them. Before the secoff is able to get the clown into the brig, a passenger slips the secoff, causing them to lose their baton, then uses the baton to stun another secoff that comes to help as the clown runs away. The passenger escapes through disposals. Having heard an AOS radio callout, the detective enters maintenance near disposals and shoots the passenger to crit. There are four players in this scenario, the clown, the passenger, the secoff, and the detective.

The clown simply does what a clown does, nothing needs to be done in regards to them. Especially in LRP, depending on what server it was on it may result in different actions. (On MRP running around spamming crayons with derogatory remarks isn’t at all really engaging for the crew or funny in any kind of manner. Simply Ahelping and asking the clown to get more immersed in their role would be the best bet. Or possibly help and explain to them that there is other things they can do to be funny. Slipping on banana peels, gluing things in the bar, placing whoopie cushions, etc.)

Depending on if the passenger is a traitor or not the actions would change significantly. If the player was not a traitor, then they would be Ahelped, told they are self-antagging and need to stop doing so or possibly face disciplinary action. If they are a traitor, they are free to do such things and no action will come to them.

The SeC officer is within his rights as per Space Law of Vandalism / Disturbance and could respectfully arrest and detain the clown for a short amount of time.

The detective is mostly within his rights as well, the passenger has a stun baton, which in most cases would be terms for the usage of lethal to stop a target from causing mass harm to others. The detective however would be observed and depending on how they carry out the rest of the situation would determine how to handle it further. (Depending on if they seek immediate aide for the crit passenger or just simply drag him lifelessly to sec, etc, etc.)

You and another admin have been adminning for around an hour. The rate of issues has been easily manageable due to having 2 admins. Neither of you have been talking in admin chat. You are using ahelp to warn a player for breaking a rule when the other admin joins the ahelp and confirms that it is against the rules, but that it’s fine in this case and they can ignore the rule for the rest of the round. You haven’t taken any other admin actions yet, such as applying a ban or writing a note.

I would get in touch with the admin outside of the ticket and possibly even someone else on the administration team. My reasoning is that I would want to talk to the admin who told me to take no action to figure out why, away from the player’s eyes. Why do they want me to take no action, bias, nepotism, etc? Then depending on their answer I would take it to a higher form of administration to handle it further from there. Something minor being overlooked doesn’t sound bad until it builds and builds, the person getting away with it figures they’re invincible and starts to push boundaries and do more and more ludicrous things.

But as for that moment with the player. I would likely take into account the other admins standing, if they stand above me, then I simply follow what I am told, if not, it comes to the best of judgment at that given time, depending on the severity of what they had done. If the player is ruining other people’s fun and being a ruckus, they need to be told to stop, even if the other admin does not want that to happen.

Thank you for applying. We’ve decided to not accept this application, but you’re free to apply again in the future.

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