Shinoskay/ Discord is Deadpull - banned for supposedly harrassing mods?


Type of Ban: Community ban
Reason for Ban: ‘Harrassing staff’
Your side of the story: So, I’ve tried playing on salamander a few times… ive never been a griefer and ive never been malicious… even when I got an antag role, and was almost busted and treated like shit (I was treated like shit from the very start of that round, way before even realizing I was an antag). I did not do anything to damage the station or hinder anyones gaming experience, in fact I only pursued my antag objectives through opportunism. I was suppose to take something from the captain and the captains office was having pressure issues… so I fixed the office, and since I was there I tried taking stuff and would have gotten away with it but didnt know how to do the antag role right. I’ve tried presenting how injust and rude ive felt people were, whether as players, mods, or in manning their stations as head staff. Even when complaining, I did my best to keep reactions confined to roleplay (the way the fantasy char would in that situation) and then reported the situation afterwards as I felt it was really unreasonable and toxic overall.
over the course maybe 2 weeks I tried salamander every so often (no more than twice a day… once in the day time and once in the night time to see if there was a different crowed of people… there was only 1 good sitution there. As a note, I have only had maybe 1 or 2 problems on lizard and no problems that I can recall on the nyan non official server.

Eventually, in salamander, there was a really simple situation that occured where I had asked around to get into the eva room because I was really really trying to not have any problems. I got permission as far as I could see and it was just the eva room and I was only going in there for some steel and glass… materials you could see passing the room.
I got swarmed by like 4 people and the first person to confront me had actually immediately disarmed whatever was in my hand and took the tool I was holding as if i was going to fight them. I didnt resist, I tried to address all 4 people who all felt like it was neccessary to question me… only one of which looked like they were actually security. Eventually someone said leave the room and as soon as that happened I just left because I was tired of the situation where I wasnt even doing anything malicious.
Shortly after, a mod decided they needed to ask me why I went into the eva room… a mod… like, wtf? The mod ended up treating me like a griefer even though I went from that annoying situation right back to doing my role job (and I wasnt an antag).

So, I posted a review… reviews arent visible yet though and I cant edit it. a few days later, I found a great video that presents another persons reaction to getting swarmed and posted that to the forums… expreesed it is related to my recent review about how unreasonable the mods perspective was and trying to show people an example of why and how swarming someone escalates a situation… especially in a situation where the person believes what they were doing wasnt anything important or problematic. my post was removed and I was banned for supposedly harrassing staff… which makes no sense since I posted it to the forum and not in any staffers inbox or anything.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I am getting a lot of unreasonable reactions from the staff developing this game. I’m giving you guys a chance to turn the situation around but you guys keep treating me like a bad person. 

You want justification? just stop being rude to me, I dont deserve a ban. I actually deserve an apology but havent even pursued that. I just want to be able to give my honest feed back from playtest experience and interactions with the mods. I’m not spamming, im not lying, I’m even trying to offer constructive feed back with examples and everything.

Discord account: I left the discord server because people were being rude and stupid there… something the mods there actually agreed with me about.

Commonly used names: Shinoskay
Banning admin: I dont know.

When was the ban: 9/24/2022 at about 145 pm Pacific time.

I have adhd, so sometimes I skip things or get too excited. In this particular moment I wanted to add even more context but now cant edit my original post so going to add more context as a follow up post.

So, with regards to that time with the captains office. So even after almost getting the items my objectives no one actually caught me but a lot of people did have strong suspicion it was me (that will happen in a server of 10-15 people and you are the new guy, hows that for LRP when you are trying to do MRP)

I ended up going to HoP to change roles because the head of my role had been a dick since the very beginning of the round. getting mad at me for not immediately setting up AME when I was a station engineer and not an atmos engineer. again, hows that for LRP when mods have scolded me saying its suppose to be an MRP game.
instead of setting up AME, I actually went and set up the solars because I ended up finding some of them werent connected.

that head ended up having me stripped of all my items, and there were even people there who commented they may as well take my shirt while they were at it… it was that bad… and in the end i ended up just locking myself in a box and logging off because it was just too stupid. Even when I have someone being a complete dick to me, someone who is ACTUALLY doing LRP even though people seem to think im the LRP guy… I’m still not being a griefer.


I’m confused, are you appealing the fact that your review got taken down and demanding an apology? If so, this isn’t really the place to do that, you’re better off reaching out via email.

You left the discord of your own accord with a large “I’m leaving the discord” post, and you got dewhitelisted from Salamander shortly afterward. I can’t speak to the reason you got dewhitelisted and I haven’t looked into it yet, but I know personally that you had a tendency to walk up to people and do completely random shit on MRP, which didn’t fit the environment well (walking up to a slime and emptying a fire extinguisher on them, almost killing them) and then being really defensive about it when asked.


EDIT: if you had so many issues with people that round, why didn’t you report any of them to us?

No, did you look at the photo? That post that was taken down was in the general discussions and I was then banned for harassing staff. theres a lot of text up there but I said this in all that text and you can see it in the photo.

I was de whitelisted because of the last situaiton on salamander. I’ve been told, when I was on discord, white listing is basically ‘this person isnt a griefer’. Hence my emphasis on the first post about not being a griefer.

As for going up to people ‘and doing random shit’. I mean, I’m not the only one. you guys have a game with literal clowns, what kind of environment and culture do you think exists when there are so many frequent stations of clowns, mimes that can somehow create actual walls, and space bears/carp/godknowswhatelse

As for the slime thing, I only did that once, at the end of a match… on the evac shuttle… because I didnt think itd do anything other than make gas animation around the person and maybe stir a bit of a confused reaction. How the hell would I know I could hurt players when I didnt have combat mode on? let alone that a fire extinguisher would hurt someone… LET ALONE that a slime was hurt by water? I played a slime maybe twice and almost died because I didnt know they needed nitrogen ffs. And the slime ‘I almost killed’ was in a lot of gear, shit, nevermind the effects but how would I have known they were even a slime? I didnt get defensive, I got upset with the people because after they got mad at me and explained I had no idea… they still went and got a mod… making me explain it all over again. I hate repeating myself, it was an accident, I told them that… they didnt need to get a mod. I told that to the mod, too.

90 percent of the time, I did my job and role, I fixed shit, wired up solars, eventually learned how ame works and set those up, made generators when the power was wonky, dragged injured or downed people to med, and that one time I was a borg and found someone was dragging the cargo computer threw maintenance tunnels and so I rescued it and dropped it off somewhere before going back to what I was actually doing. When people tried correcting me on rp lingo I tried to play towards that way, there were a few things I didnt agree with… like radio hearing vs reading… kind hard to ignore the chat log ‘radio chatter’ and calling it ‘radio logs’ didnt make much sense to me so I chose to rp it as a sort of voice to text thing.
If you think my activities werent becoming of an MRP place, you are probably actually being biased or neglectant of all the other nonsense not only occuring but that you guys yourself have put in this game. Even aside from that nonsense, I still tried to conform to the playstyle I was exposed to. I remember one time, people lined the freaking halls with alien artifacts and when psykers started popping up everyone started tripping out and there was basically which hunts. Those artifacts sat there throughout the round… over an hour and a half easy… people even said over the radio that they were there and triggering psyk reactions.

Or how about how there is a rat king that can pop up and run around and even when it attacks people it usually doesnt get killed or even arrested, or when people just walk around with shot guns, swords, and other weapons like its no big thing? and i dont mean security people.

There is ridiculous shit that occurs all the time on your guys server, telling me i go up to people and do random shit is like going to jack in the box and telling people they are ordering burgers or taco bell and telling people they are ordering burritos. its pretty par for the course dude.

So, yes, its really annoying me that mods are acting like IM a problem player and I WOULD like an apology(though, I didnt ask for one because I dont expect any of you to see my perspective) and perhaps to see people be more compassionate and supportive… rather than kicking me, treating me like a griefer, and even banning me from posting my issues in the general area. Its pissing me off. Like, in what station does a HEAD ENGINEER in an understaffed SPACE station need to stand around in a hallway and watch you ask head of personal to get you the hell out of that persons section? a head engineer who made gun shot hand gestures (he emoted them) and made them strip you of all your shit? and even demanded your access be restricted so you would basically be locked to that new section you went into. All this AFTER threats, accusations, and more. And you all keep trying to emphasize MRP… Seriously dude?


Steam community bans are not appealable.

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