Shlumped - "masturbates furiously"

SS14 account:  Shlumped

Character name:  “Kai Caldwell” I think? I don’t remember

Type of Ban:  Game ban

Date of Ban and Duration:  I don’t remember exactly but I think it was about a month ago, maybe a few weeks so I’d date it at around June 10th?

Reason for Ban:  “Masturbates Furiously”

Server you were playing on when banned:  I think it was lizard

Your side of the story:  I was being arrested, my character resists and “masturbates furiously” in retaliation. I was promptly contacted by an admin with the message: “really?”. I was banned shortly after with the reason for ban being written as “masturbates furiously”. The reason as to why I retaliated in such a depraved fashion is because I thought it was funny. I do realize and understand its tasteless and a violation of the rules. I apologize for doing so and will refrain from doing similar things in the future if unbanned. I appreciate your consideration. Thanks.

Appeal denied for a number of reasons. Here are the chief two.

  1. Attempted ban evasion under the name “GetShlumped”. You made this appeal shortly after attempting to circumvent your ban (about four hours ago, it looks like). You make no mention of this account anywhere in this appeal, so according to internal policy, this is an automatic deny for that alone.

  2. This is your second appeal only ban for inappropriate speech. According to new banning policy, 2x appeal bans (even disregarding that it’s for a similar reason both times) results in a voucher ban.

You may appeal no sooner than January 27th, 2023 (six months after your most recent attempt to ban evade) with a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server. Further attempts to evade your ban will result in this being unappealable.

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