Short undelete deadline!

oh no! there is no way I will manage to undelete my post in 876000 hours!

(does discobot pull this up from some kind of server config? pfhaha)

yes. On the old forums we used to just hide posts that were deleted unless there was a reason that we had to go further. The reason for this was so that if someone complained that a moderator deleted something inappropriately, we could go check, and so that we retained a record of things in case an issue came up later or something.

On the old forums, I remember at least one instance of someone asking me about a warning they got that was months old. Warnings didn’t preserve post text with that software, so I wouldn’t have had any clue what they got the warning for unless the person who gave it was very descriptive in the warning.

As far as I know, this forum software has the same issue. If something is deleted too fast then we might end up with a situation where there was some administrative action taken based on that, but we don’t have a way to check if it was appropriate. We also don’t want people doing things like deleting their own ban appeals right after they’ve been denied or something

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