Shrekonvhs - inappropriate humor reappeal

SS14 account: shrekonvhs
Character name: Brad Armstrong
Type of Ban: Game
Date of Ban and Duration: Perma
Reason for Ban: Inappropriate humor
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Crayoned (as a clown) “we kill homosex” outside of security with an arrow pointing to the security office. None of this was meant in malice, and it wasn’t my intention to upset anyone, and I apologize if it did. All this is to say that I won’t do it again. As an aside which would help my case a bit, I’ve been playing outside this server for quite a bit and I have a good record as a decent player.

Hey, random person here. If you’re going to say you have a good record outside Wizard’s Den, you have to say from where and a way to prove it, such as talking to a server’s admins.

Get a voucher from that server’s admins if you want to bring that up.

I spoke with Rane from Nyanotrasen. He said typically you guys need months of playing on other servers for you to consider the voucher of any worth. I’ve been playing on there for a month; if I knew of that particular stipulation, I would not have mentioned it.

Alright, fair enough.

We appreciate your straightforwardness with this appeal. Due to the time and nature of the offense majority consensus is to accept this appeal. As you appear to know, humor is a subjective thing, so you would do best to avoid crass jokes or touchy subjects entirely. I will lift your ban shortly, have fun.

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