Siding with the syndicate as Cap

SS14 account: Destrucktoid
Character name: Ivy Olgala
Type of Ban: Game ban but also a job ban? (labelled as job ban but i got banned from server as well)
Date of Ban and Duration: 1,440m as of about 2:10am UTC+0
Reason for Ban: “Siding with the syndicate as cap. You can appeal your command jobban at…”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: about 10-20 minutes into the shift i get approached by a musician stating he is a represntative of the a sub-company of the syndicate come to negotiate a non aggression pact with Nanotrasen and the station. Showing me a paper stamped with a syndicate stamp. I then escort him to the bridge so we can conduct negotiations. About half an hour of real life Medium-Heavy RP later he has agreed (with the CMO and CE in attendance) To exchange an energy sword, some syndicate smokes, a hypo pen as a replacement for the RD and some blood red magboots for the CE in exchange for the CMO’s Hypospray and the CE’s advanced magboots. I will state this was spectated by a largish group of people (about 5-6 people who weren’t involved in the negotiations were observing with interest). These negotiations and agreements took so long that by the time we was finished we was literally dying of hunger and thirst. I remarked as the RP reason for this exhange that Nanotrasen can use these items to reverse engineer the technologies behind them and finally secure a pact of non agression with the section of the syndicate Jan represented (of course this has no effect in game i knew this but again, it was RP). Then at the end of this meeting wherein the player with whom i was negotiating (Jan the musician) who had, i must mention, committed no crimes up until this point. Left with the items he required for his corporation to “research” (His objectives) and myself, the CMO and the CE all left with various items (The CE left with blood red magboots, the CMO with a hypo pen and 2 syndicate smokes, i left with the Esword, i then went and met up with the RD who i gave 2 Syndie smokes to “reverse engineer how to make omnizine”). It was after i had given the RD the smokes that the HoS comes in and starts shooting no questions asked at Jan (Reminder, being a member of the syndicate is NOT an arrestable offense) AND we was on green alert! Two of his own security officers detain him for it, warden asks whats going on, I give a brief explanation before going to bridge to announce that Warden is the new HoS as the previous one was clearly rogue. Warden comes to bridge and asks for further clarification, Jan comes to bridge with a security officer who had attended the whole meeting, HoS then comes to bridge demanding his PDA back. I then ask him if he is going to start shooting Jan again, to make a long story short it ends up as a back and forth where the only argument the HoS brings forth is “He’s a syndie we need to arrest him”. This argument is cut short by Me getting Admin messaged which lead to me getting banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because i don’t understand why i have been banned for, as far as i am aware, following server rules. Syndicates are not AOS, He tried something new and creative, was clearly willing to compromise and come to an agreement and even after he got his objectives he followed the rules of the station and remained in character, i followed all server rules to which i am aware. Furthermore, the reason i got banned “Siding with the syndicate as cap” isn’t even listed or implied on the rules (that can be found the on the wiki). I feel this ban is unjustified and uncalled for as i didn’t break any rules, i stayed in character and could morally justify my actions as to the greater benefit of the station and NanoTrasen as a whole.
Anything else we should know: I am fully aware OOC that a “limited tech sharing agreement” and “non-agression pact” are completely bogus. In character however these are tempting offers for a captain and (in my opinion) NanoTrasen as a whole. 

I just realised i forgot to include my SS14 Account username in the title of the appeal. It is Destrucktoid.

I have been unbanned due to the timer expiring. However, i still want to keep this appeal up because of the permanent command ban as well as the fact i will later at some point (When i have more time under my belt and have mastered all station roles) want to apply to become part of the administrative staff and having an unsuccessfully appealed ban on my record will hinder this. 

Hi Destrucktoid,

Due to the events revolving around this particular incident, we’ve come to a verdict.

This command role ban will not be lifted.

Utilizing trading with an antagonist for solely your benefit rather than the benefit of the story within the round, such as acquiring items, for example- other Heads of Staff valuable items, is not in the best interest of those involved within the round as other players other than interesting loot for simply yourself, the Captain.

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