Slickslack - selfantag

Ban reason: “Selfantag as nonantag chaplain, breaking into hop office, stealing Ian and ID computer, leading a revolution. Encouraging others to follow in selfantag behavior.”

Length of ban: Began as a three-day ban, but after three days, it was changed to an appeal-only ban.

Events leading to the ban: When I arrived late as a chaplain, there were maybe 5 or 6 other chaplains. They were demanding their own department with a head when I found them at the hop office. I now feel I was persuaded by an antag chaplain, but it doesn’t excuse what I did. During the process of the group of chaplains requesting hop for these permits, I went too far with RP and began shattering glass into the hop office. I let Ian go once I was inside, and took the ID computer with me. I also yelled “riot” a lot, which might have caused those who were listening to me to kill people, but I’m unsure if that happened or not. I then went into hiding for a brief moment and then went to security to give myself in. Got banned at the wardens desk.

Reason the ban should be removed: I realize what I did wrong and did try to turn myself in for my actions, and I also feel bad if anyone happened to die because of my actions. The situation left me perplexed, and although I believed that what I was doing might not have been intended, given the number of chaplains there, I also believed that it would be expected to an extent (not killing anyone). I promise not to raise any issues the next time. In addition, I felt that my three-day ban was reasonable in light of what I had done, so I was happy to sit through it. However, I had not anticipated that my ban would be raised to appeal-only afterwards, perhaps the three-day was just a placeholder.

After rereading my appeal, I realize that the very last sentence may be construed as being snarky and that is not my intention, maybe that comment would have been better suited in a private message.

After bringing your appeal to a vote amongst the other admins we’ve decided to reduce your indefinite ban to a 4-week temporary ban starting from today.

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