So true

Ban reason: 

Length of ban:  idk
Events leading to the ban: i didnt actually do anything just had a chat with a mod 
Reason the ban should be removed:  biased ahh ahelp with mod enforcing a rephrased rule and he was an extreme snowflake i didnt even say a bad thing i just stated what mods do but ok but thanks i now understand that replying to ahelp is a bad idea 

Hello 58lar85,

After reviewing your ban with the admin team, it’s been decided that this appeal is not sufficient enough to lift the ban and has been denied. The reason for your ban is for the way in which you have interacted with the admin staff both in this case, and in previous ahelps as well.

The initial issue with taking items from the SSD player might have landed you a less harsh punishment, if you handled the ahelps a little less argumentatively. Stating that replying to ahelps in the future also does not help your case here. If you wish, you may submit another appeal within 2 weeks from now.

Thank you for understanding,
all the best.

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