Sosa - Banned For Epic Soft Antag Rolling or Something

SS14 account username: Sosa
Ban reason: “soft antag rolling,” powergaming, being rude in OOC
Date of ban: 5/14/2023
Length of ban: 3 days
Events leading to the ban: I was eating dinner and SSD by the shittle building spot, but still trying to hit debris now and again and was actually just sitting down to start building a shittle on Fland. I play pretty consistently and play salvage specialist literally the same way I always do - grab debris, bring it into salvage bay. It’s almost mind numbingly egregious how simple my gameplay loop is. Not only that, I make it a point to *not* antag roll specifically so that I never got into this situation, and if I’m bored as a scientist or a passenger I’ll still take monkey roles and whatnot. I can’t recall the last time I /ghosted roundstart, even as a passenger, but I can admit that there are times as passenger when after 20-30 minutes of nothing happening, I will stare at a wall and maybe watch YouTube. There are times where I will play until I just fall asleep or end up otherwise pre-occupied. Guarantee it happens to literally everybody, I just play this game primarily. Not ahelped, not BWOINKED, straight up banned with no communication, which definitely serves as a jump-off for another issue - this is exactly how I was banned last time.

There’s a severe issue with the administration being unable to communicate/inconsistent with communication and rulesets, where I am ahelped or BWOINKED from one admin I am revered by another for skillset. Where one admin has an issue with me doing exactly the same thing every round, I suppose, well, given the circumstances, another does not. I’d like a showcase of my antag rolling, if possible, and any notes leading up to this ban. I can’t help but think it may have something to do with creating content that is antagonist-centric, but I digress, perhaps that’s just a side-note.

Lastly, speaking to people in an almost painstakingly evidently condescending manner “take a break, bud.” when - Idon’t know who is speaking to me/who I am speaking with (figuratively, of course, as speaking would imply both parties communicating) and I’m not friends or “buds” with anybody who fails to communicate how they feel in a civil discourse. I understand it’s a euphemism, it would go a long way to treat players with respect and simply state the case as to why they’re being given the punishments they’re being given.

Reason the ban should be removed: I don’t care to have the ban removed, just like my last ban which was for stealing shoes. I just want you guys to, you know, communicate with players to curb behavior. Banning me isn’t going to stop me from my playstyle because I don’t know what I even did *wrong* so I genuinely don’t really know how that’s beneficial, as if I just come back in 3 days and do the exact same thing on accident. You can imagine my frustration at being told virtually no information and being given no recourse and simply being issued a punishment, that is actually kind of ludicrous. If you want me to take a break, just say something. I’ve been on vacation for a few months and start work in a few days so wouldn’t even be playing as much. It’s literally the only video game that I play. If it’s how I communicate in OOC I can just cease communication, that’s fine. I can admit that I’m crass, but try to keep things as forward as possible. The idea that there’s an “unhealthy investment” is entirely subjective as I just happen to write/type extremely quickly and with tenacity - that of which I will not apologize for. I have been warned ONCE as “powergaming” as an antagonist when I was doing what I pretty much always do and solely focusing on security, this was handled in-game and in-character and I was asked how it assisted my objectives.

I follow the strict sabotage rule of a 30 minute+ round going on to not ruin peoples’ rounds other than murdering them for access/killing witnesses/the occasional collateral damage. I don’t plasmaflood, rarely blow AME, rarely singuloose, so I genuinely fail to see how powergaming is constituted other than using the literal tools provided to me. NOT ONLY that, as an antagonist I pride myself in offering roleplay whenever I can in terms of giving people situations to go, or fear rp/terrorism RP. I’m a terrorist. That’s the job. I don’t understand “powergaming” in this sense. Was it buying guns as cargo? I mean, you see the issue here, right? I don’t even know *what I did* lol.

This is an extremely out of the blue ban given that I haven’t even been ahelped for my attitude in a while (which, again, I will be the first to admit is crass but attempt to apologize for and have pretty consistently, nobody is going to be friends with everybody else in OOC, that’s just not possible. If I just need to disable OOC, so be it.) and if there was an issue with my attitude, it could be communicated. I am at a genuine loss for this one and it leaves the same sour taste as getting banned for stealing fucking shoes from the chef. If you have an issue with players talk to them. If I take the game/role seriously, that’s how I derive *my* fun from this video game. I work a pretty lax job, so when I get to buckle down and use 110% of my braincells, it’s fun, I wouldn’t ever apologize for that, and if it’s an issue that I’m not taking the game in stride enough, I can’t really state anything to the contrary. How someone derives fun from a video game is not up to the admin, period.

a few times i was syndie with you and can attest the roleplay bit, we show up in bloodreds and discuss plans or trade items, pretty good rp even for a psychotic maniac.
i also know you dont really attack people that dont try playing hero (me) as nukie or bloodred with fireaxe, so not a murderboner

I also must add vehemently that I took part in Sand Wars the other day in MRP and played Obi-Wan McUrist or something like that, and I have to really wonder if someone who was solely invested in being an antagonist and no other part of the game would sit there and improv/roleplay a fucking re-enactment of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith where we replaced “The Force” with “Sand.” I am at a genuine loss as to how someone could simultaneously be antagonist rolling and roleplaying a Force-user when I could have easily attempted to Join the current round for a Syndie roll and /ghosted if, in fact, I was fishing for antag.

Two things.

One, I was the admin who banned you with the closing remark of “take a break, bud”. And, you’re right, I should not pretend that we’re friends and will not do so in the future since this apparently bothered you with the phrasing. Given how many times you’ve lost your shit in deadchat and OOC about how a round goes, it seemed appropriate.

Secondly, here’s a summary of your notes as you requested while I type up a proper response to your wall of text. Of the 21 notes logged/attached to your account in some way, almost all of them have to do with you either self-antagging or antagging through various means, and while I will acknowledge that most of these resulted in you correcting the behavior after the fact, it also goes without saying that you have a novella of notes that would have gotten anyone else banned for the same behavior you frequently exhibit.


However, since you yourself have said that the ban itself doesn’t bother you, and since we can all agree the basic premise of an appeal is to, y’know, dispute the relevancy of a ban, I will be locking this thread until I do get time to address your points.

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