spaceylady - Changeling: warning without given reason

Subject: spaceylady

Policies or Expectations Violated: 2.6 Do not interfere unless you are needed.

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Detailed Summary: Round #38077 lizard server

Refused to clarify what I did wrong despite warning me that I did something wrong, quoting rules that did not relate to any situation during the round (20,21) and insisting that my actions were somehow no-RP (despite not saying which actions). 

I don’t actually understand what the entire issue was about and hence from my POV it was a needless warning as I was not even told what I am being warned for.

From my limited understanding, the admin in question took issue with me stripping a catatonic syndicate agent to take their items, while I was still in the process of doing so. If that is not the case then I would welcome the admin spaceylady to at the very least explain exactly what I did in that round that warranted a warning.

The above is just a guess, as again, I was not told what I am being warned for.





Here is a copy of the ahelp from Lizard 38077

:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** Are you the warden?
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** yes I am the warden
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** Okay so just a reminder that security and command are hold to a higher standard of roleplay and that includes not leaving dead bodies and prisoners around security.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** can you be more specific as to which names you have an issue with
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** the catatonic body that I am in process of searching
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** or the perma prisoner that asked to be permad, and then proceeded to destroy perma?
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I don’t know if you are aware but people with purple text are considered dead and therefore you should be morging them or taking them to medical.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** I am aware that catatonic people are not inhabited by players and are free game to anyone, I was also in process of stripping their syndicate gear, is there a specific issue you have with my actions?
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I’m just reminding you that as warden it is your responsibility to prevent them from dying in custody and if they do die you should be morging them and not just leaving them to rot.
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** Rule 20 and 21 state this
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** can you tell me who specifically was I supposed to prevent from dying?
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** I am not in control of who decides to /ghost their character, so please I ask you again to state the full name of who I let die or otherwise neglected
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I cannot give you information about the current round but I have been spectating and noticed it has been a significant issue.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** then please do tell me the exact issue that you have noticed
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I have already explained. The issue regards rule 20 and 21 where you should be protecting detainees and people in custody and that includes not leaving dead people to rot.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** can you tell me who I have not protected or left to rot?
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** can you even point at a single example in this round is what I am asking, because you have not given me a single name or situation to defend myself from so I cant argue with you about generic rules
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** As I have just said I cannot give you information about the current round and I am just reminding you of these rules and the roleplay that is expected of command and security.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** alright I see this is not going anywhere and you have no intention of actually telling me what I did wrong
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I have already said a couple of times that I am just reminding you of those rules and the fact you must not leave dead people to rot. Including those who are catatonic.
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** do you consider catatonic corpses to be players?
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** When someone is catatonic they have taken another ghost role so no. 
:inbox_tray: **Changeling:** then why do you keep mentioning catatonic corpses rotting
:outbox_tray: **spaceylady:** I was just asking you to engage in some RP behavior. LRP is not NRP, have a good rest of the round.

Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your complaint, it has been accepted.


  1. The complaint was made during the first week of spaceylady’s trial admin period, resulting in action 1.
  2. There doesn’t appear to have been an issue with your actions in this round, resulting in action 2.
  3. The ahelp didn’t make it clear what exactly the issue with your actions was, resulting in action 2.
  4. No note was left in connection to the ahelp.

Resulting Actions

  1. Since the complaint concerns a trial admin, other admins were asked for their opinions on the ahelp though our normal trial review process. This resulted in findings 2 and 3.
  2. spaceylady was contacted by me and given clarification on our expectations of players on LRP. spaceylady explained that the ahelp was vague because they were concerned about sharing current round info. They were informed that being vague about the issue when ahelping someone can be frustrating for the player, and given guidance on how to handle future situations where they feel someone should be contacted but are concerned about revealing current round info.