Spacing, Air Availability and Other Discussions

Linking to the original discussion on Discord in regards to this that ended up hijacking the ninja suit slot bug.

Mostly to discuss how people feel about spacing lethality, spread, air tank access and other things.

I’m personally of the opinion that spacing themselves aren’t deadly enough and really the only thing that actually kills people is the lack of available crowbars. I know others disagree with this assessment howevever.

How should things be changed in regards to spacing, if at all?

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I mean, I’m completely neutral about whether spacings should be more or less deadly. I do think there is a lot of fun gameplay in having spacings not be instantly lethal (Things like daring escapes into space for a short time without a suit). Is it realistic? No. Is it fun? Yes.

I do think though that spacings should be more dynamic and destructive with space winds. Lockers should be flying and hitting people, stuff should be flying out into space, people should have to cling to walls or objects to stay in, that sort of thing. I honestly think it works best when spacings aren’t as lethal as they are, because there can be that dramatic tension of whether they can recover after the space winds have ceased or not rather than it just being instant death.

From the discussion, the main points I saw were:

  • Spacing happens pretty much every round.
  • It’s usually in a high traffic area, so it’s impossible to avoid.
  • Due to the above traffic, the spacings spread so far that they affect a large portion of the station.


  • Spacings do not get fixed fast enough by atmospheric technicians.


  • Players have adapted to the overabundance and far reaching effects of spacing by always carrying anti-spacing equipment. (Space pens, always carrying a large air canister.)

So the main problem isn’t that spacing is lethal, it’s that the spacings are too wide-reaching and affect a large amount of the time in the majority of rounds.

So to fix this, we need to:

  • Make spacings spread less by making firelocks more effective.
  • Investigate whether atmos’s job is too difficult to fix spacings in a timely manner.

Other notes:

A few people expressed that they don’t mind spacing being lethal, so after the above is done, it’ll be possible to experiment with spacing speed and space wind whenever that gets fixed to not be annoying.

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Maybe have fire locks have a temporary space fan type effect where, if there is power, when the firelock opens for a short while it will just be like a space fan/holographic barrier and act like a wall for air. This:

  1. Makes the focal points of spacings the area where the breach occurred, rather than fire lock doors, preventing it from spreading into other rooms.
  2. Fixes the other quality of life issue with firelock doors, which is that they often open for half a second with the crowbar, making players have to fight with them to actually cross the threshhold and get into the next room.

They are fire locks from the future after all, they can be a little fancier than they are now. This could possibly be only an advanced kind of fire lock that exists for critical areas of the station too, the old ones can coexist with this new change for less important areas.

On the topic of large scale spacing and spread, I think thats ultimately down to map design and the fact that you can explode walls “around” firelocks to bypass the spacing protection that firelocks offer.

For example, if you were to RCD the floor of a central point of any station, then spacing is going to stay contained to that location very easily.

However if someone plants a hardbomb or power sink and thet successfully explode, a large portion of the station will get spaced. Same is true with a singularity gone wrong or a tesla.

For the most part besides trapping people inside of the wrong side of them, I don’t think firelocks are the issue.

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Atmos really doesn’t have issue repressurizing a room assuming distro is setup correctly and even if distro fails, they can cart in a cansiter of air and use that to get the room habitable in a majority of cases. Getting a room to 20 kPa to stop the main point of barotrama damage isn’t that difficult to do with one standard air can unless the room is gigantic.

It would also prevent issue of firelock stack traps where you build 2nd firelock on a tile and its impossible to pass them without deconstructing or destroying first, good luck doing that in time while dying to spacing. :slight_smile:

atmos usually doesnt respond to spacings in my experience, rather station engineers do, if ever. Part of that I’d say is because atmos is mainly encouraged to work within their department rather than work without. Perhaps a way of notifying atmos techs via air alarm systems would work to inform them of spacings? (and gas leaks/fires as well)

i don’t think this was mentioned so far and i don’t remember if it was talked about in the discord thread.
but one thing with spacing is that it’s really hard to deal with on evac, spacing isn’t really a large problem on the station, but as there is very limited air on the evac shuttle making it very hard to save anyone without spacing the rest of the shuttle.
one pr to help with this was i think slambamactionman’s atmos diffuser.
also what Ive said here is i think a bunch of his own points he’s talked about in the past.

My biggest problem with spacings is that if you end up on the wrong side of a firelock it can be impossible to open without a crowbar.

I think giving everyone the same access Atmos has with firelocks would be a good change for the game. You constantly have to fight the firelocks causing you to easily die or almost become crit. This would also fix it so you aren’t forced to always have a crowbar on you at all times.

I don’t think that makes a lot of sense, airlocks are meant to keep people from running into a spaced area. Now if they were to allow anyone to open them normally as long as that person is on the side that is spaced? That would be better. But as that is significantly more complicated I feel like the current way firelocks work is fine.

We probably need this thing (portable pump) as suggested by Emisse on Discord

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