Sphiral - Weax: AHelping for invalid reason

Subject: Sphiral

Policies or Expectations Violated: 1.2 Be professional, polite and welcoming, 2.6 Do not interfere unless you are needed.

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: Yes

Detailed Summary: In round 42272 I was playing as a scientist, doing anomalies. We just unlocked the newly added item “Gorilla Gauntlet”, and had an active anomaly outside of security. I had been actively monitoring it, and decided to try and move it to sci using the new item. However, the anomaly slipped into a ‘growing’ state without my realizing, leading to it eventually going supercritical while I was punching it towards science, and killing me. I then received an AHelp from Sphiral advising me to “Be careful next time, please.”, and, while this isn’t exactly the rudest comment, I do feel it was unjustified and implied I was somehow breaking a rule for what was genuinely an in-character mistake/accident. Timestamps in screenshot are in AEDT timezone.


Hi, I’ve begun looking into this complaint. The round was Leviathan 42272. A replay is not available due to server migration. The ahelp is provided below:


:outbox_tray: **00:25:56** **Sphiral:** Be careful next time, please.
:inbox_tray: **00:26:10** **Weax:** It was not intentional - i was trying to move it into sci
:inbox_tray: **00:26:26** **Weax:** accidents happen. It wasnt growing when i left sci to move it
:inbox_tray: **00:27:34** **Weax:** trust me, i didnt MEAN to kill myself

Sorry for the delay, I forgot to post the closing. This is all from around new years eve/day:

Thank you for the complaint, it has been accepted


  1. Sphiral is a trial admin
  2. No note was left in connection with the ahelp
  3. The text of the ahelp does not imply the complainant intended to do anything
  4. The fact that an ahelp message was sent can reasonably lead someone to conclude that they did something wrong

Resulting Actions

  1. Due to finding 1, game admins were notified of the complaint as part of the trial review process
  2. The complaint was presented to Sphiral, who sufficiently explained the situation and, unprompted, offered an apology which is attached below.


Hello Forums! I just wanted to personally apologize both to Weax, and to the community for having a dip in professionality. I was very tired as I sent this and shouldn’t have been on at the time, and it lead to me messing up. I will make sure to double check my need to ahelp, and “be careful next time” myself. I hope to see y’all in later shifts, hopefully not in bad terms. Sorry again, and have a good day? Night? Designated time period!