'Sploded by admin for a mistake against syndie - AbeenShabo

= For game bans =

Ban reason: Quote “Shot someone as a secoff who was already detained and in perma dragged them into a corner thinking no one would see it, then tried to lie about it after the fact.”
Length of ban: 1440 minutes 
Events leading to the ban: I was playing a sec officer. I had just been killed as sec by someone called Freya Xeal using syndie exploding pen or some other device during a code blue search. Got revived and called AOS on the individual. Began looking for Freya and found them a bit later on outside sec and my sec partner was just exploded by Freya so I took out my Lethal given by HOS and began shooting the syndie, then I arrested them. That is the ONLY TIME I SHOT THEM. They were crit and I pulled them into sec, gave them an emergency shot, and put them in a bed. thinking they weren’t that bad off since they were sleeping to heal. I then pulled them off the bed while they were snoring and into the perma room I was then exploded by the admin retequizzle. 
Reason the ban should be removed: In all honesty, I thought they were all good since they were snoring on the bed I dont believe they were crit since they started sleeping. They were a syndie who had just one shot me during a search and Admin Retequizzle lied when they said I shot them while they were detained because that only happened in the process of detaining Freya. I only have a screen shot of my last 60 seconds and I did not shoot them once. Furthermore I threw my gun away after it ran out of bullets  to switch to my disabler while arresting Freya so I could not have shot them any more. 


I probably won’t be around to process it, so someone else will have to in order to get to it done in a reasonable amount of time, but can you share the recording you say you have?

To your credit, the person you downed had been proven to be extremely dangerous at minimum. However you downed them at 09:46:45 in the logs:


…and left them without proper medical attention beyond cuffing them and an emergency injection for over 7 minutes, instead option to move various things around in the permabrig instead of attending to your detainee.


This is pretty negligent at minimum and malicious at worst. You also went to the HoS begging (literally) for a gun because you “wanted revenge”, which would lean us into believing you intentionally didn’t really care about getting them medical attention.


The logs support your assertion that you didn’t shoot them after the fact; that isn’t in dispute. What did happen though is you were extremely negligent in making sure the detained was taken care of and just let them sit in a corner dying for about 7-8 minutes.

Denied. You can wait it out.

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