SS14 account username: [Spooky95]
Ban reason: [attached]
Date of ban: [1/21 ]
Length of ban: [appeal]
Events leading to the ban: ]Sec roughed up Landon the person I was talking with and jailed him for a beeper. Marty thought this was unjust, I then comically “saved” him from jail by completely fumbling up the attempt, and blowing only myself and not the wall up in the process. “This was clearly a doomed attempted and was done for laughs”  
Reason the ban should be removed: [I had no malicious intent with it to negatively impact anyone’s game and will refrain from similar behavior in the future.  AdminCE made me sit the lengthy remainder of the round in perm and gave me their usual kinesics interrogation, then banned me at new round start.  Mea culpa  .]


This was your second ban for the same act of griefing in under a week.

This appeal is denied by unanimous vote of the administration team. You may appeal again in a month.

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