SS14 account username: Grimgar420 Ban reason: killed a player in terminal

SS14 account username: Grimgar420
Ban reason: Killed a player in terminal
Date of ban: yesterday i think 4/19
Length of ban: didn’t say
Events leading to the ban: The starting shuttle took off launching me into space as I was entering it, I used my traitor gear to get back to the terminal. Someone saw me decked out in syndie gear when I got back so i started trying to kill him. I had honestly forgot that was a rule and I even killed the player I was using when I found out.
Reason the ban should be removed: It was an honest mistake, It’s not going to happen again. 

think i put this in the wrong place


This ban was for the most part just to get in contact with you because you disonnected before I could ask about it, thanks! 

I did notice you in syndie EVA gear in space so this adds up. Personally, had I had your background information I wouldn’t have taken any action for it.


But that being said should you have any issues like this with terminal again feel free to ahelp it, it wasn’t really your fault after all.

This appeal has been accepted

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