SS14 on IOS and Android

Hello again, everyone!
I have an interesting question, is Space Station 14 planned for the phones? 
Yes, of course Space Station is still only in development on computers, but is there such a plan in 2 years?
Thanks for the heads up!

P.S There are game developers here, aren’t there?

SS14 is ostensibly a PC game. Half the game is typing. Playing on a phone would put you at a severe disadvantage. Also, the iOS App Store’s rules are ridiculous and nobody wants to deal with that.

In short, no.

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It would be impossible to effectively play, however there has been a few people talking about having a mobile app for observing rounds, not playing.

3 hours ago, Daemon said:

Было бы невозможно эффективно играть

but what if we add voice chat only for the mobile version?

Okay, I’ll give a less vague answer: SS14 will never exist on phones. Why the hell would you want a game oriented around 2hr straight of play on a mobile device??

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Add mobile phone game monitization including energy that refills daily that you can buy using premium currency from the shop. Add purchasable powergame loot boxes, respawns, and re-rolls for antag.


after deliberation I strongly recommend you try Among Us on your phone, it might be more up your alley.

10 hours ago, moony said:

после размышлений я настоятельно рекомендую вам попробовать «Среди нас» на вашем телефоне, возможно, вам это больше понравится.

I read your last thought, and I agree, somehow I didn’t think about the fact that mobile games are usually considered timekillers of small time intervals. In principle, you can close the topic, since there will be no other suggestions for your answer. Thank you for answer

P.s I played “among us”, and it does not compare with the gaming experience in your game, since there is not the same roleplay and most of the interesting and well-developed mechanics as in space station 14 :slight_smile:

I want to buy lootboxes god damnit.

15 hours ago, keekenox said:

I want to buy lootboxes god damnit.

When you code it

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I would like to be able to play ss14 on my phone, but using OTG, USB hub, keyboard and mouse. Then it’s not a typing problem. I don’t need a special port with smartphone controls. The ability to run the game on a smartphone is enough.

It’s not worth for a small player base of mobile users. This game is not meant as an “In the doctor’s room waiting to get in”. It’s meant for long rounds. Mobile screens are also small. Good luck reading chat without increasing your UI size, which will just make half the screen covered by UI and chat. iOS is basically impossible. The rules of the app store won’t even let you in by the point you say “third party server code is run on the device”. And lastly, if you are going to be connecting a keyboard and mouse anyway at that point, just get a laptop or steam deck.

Even if we were to throw out the “Why would you use a phone” argument it still a giant maintainer burden and would probably require a refactor of critical parts of the engine to support android (and iOS MAYBE if I’m having trouble deving for macOS I am horrified to hear that iOS is like and had a way to install the launcher). And then we will need to test even more devices. More bugs! And let’s not even talk about performance. The game already runs pretty badly at times. Now imagine a mobile processor with limited memory and ability to dissipate heat.

If you really are desperate. Try to get Linux on your device and compile the game. Did this for my switch in this video. But you can still tell it runs badly. Not good for nice experience. And until arm64 support is properly added. You will need to manually compile the game each time.

TLDR: This won’t happen anytime soon, It’s a hassle to even set yourself up. And it’s a maintainer nightmare in the engine. Not worth the effort.

I would rather work on making it so SS14 runs acceptably on a $30 piece of crap hand-me-down laptop from 10 years ago than put in the effort to make it playable on an Android device.

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you could also have some sort of challenge board…a pass of sorts! to unlock cosmetic items like the clown wig!