SS14 soundfont and VLC player.

I had the Idea recently to find an alternative way of playing midi files outside of SS14, instead of having to leave and joining an empty sandbox server.

I felt like VLC would be a good way to do this since it has fluidsynth built in which is what I believe SS14 uses. As it turns out, after fiddling with some settings, I couldn’t seem to get it to work. VLC recognised the soundfont file, but wouldn’t actually put any sound through. If anyone knows a good alternative player that works for it, or a fix for VLC, I’d be interested.

ss14’s soundfont file only contains a few instruments not provided by your OS.
Use your OS’s soundfont.

I have tried this, but there’s sometimes a pretty violent dissonance between the way the midi sounds using the OS’s soundfont and the game’s. If that’s all I can do, then I’d rather use a general music soundfont, but I appreciate the help nonetheless.